A breezy neutral with a subtle beige-gray undertone that may read green-blue; it teaches us the essence of a well-balanced interior that boosts our well-being.

LRV 72

This year, the beloved and trusted color brand Dulux puts a wide range of paint colors at our disposal that connects with the outdoor world, helps us find balance and teaches us to enjoy the little things. If you are still looking for a way to reconnect with your inner self and find harmony at home in these uncertain times, you will most likely approve of the Terrace White paint color. 

A lot of questions arise around Terrace White. Is it really white? Why “terrace”? And, most importantly, how can you make the most of one of the expert choice paint colors? All answers are as follows.

Terrace White Paint Color Features

TW is a complex neutral paint color. While some still regard it as the white you would probably notice on a terrace at a particular time of the day, others say it is a very light gray shade. The peak of intrigue is that many people see it as a soothing green-blue. How come? It is all about the undertones. To clarify this, the creators of this paint color state that Terrace White is a neutral tone with a subtle beige-gray undertone. 

As an impressively light shade of gray, TW is calm, respects boundaries, and infuses an unmatchable feeling of tranquility. The sophisticated gray from Dulux is a genuine pearl among thousands of gray shades, yet it stays humble, highly functional, and flexible. Colorists suggest that such a light gray, unlike darker shades, skilfully works with anxiety and overthinking by keeping them at bay. It undoubtedly makes the room feel more spacious, and while it doesn’t much like changes, it will happily support your creativity and serve as a canvas.

Terrace White: Is It Warm or Cold?

The updated gray shade from Dulux is relatively neutral. But, there is a “but”. If we were to analyze its RGB value, the concentration of Red, Green, and Blue, we would come across such values as 215 – Red, 218 – Green, and 216 – Blue. The cool pigments, green and blue, slightly prevail over red, offering TW a subtle cool cast. 

How Does Lighting Affect Terrace White?

Since TW is a very light paint color and gets various interpretations, lighting undoubtedly affects it. If you would enjoy a bright gray shade with beige bursts of energy that almost fade into white, consider TW in a room fully penetrated by sun rays, a space with southern exposure. 

If your room has north-facing windows, the lack of sunlight will bring an emphasized blue tinge to this light gray shade, leaving behind a well-defined cold cast. Don’t forget that such light paint colors also tend to absorb the surrounding colors, such as a bright-painted furniture piece or the outdoor greenery.

Expect a somewhat muted beige-gray effect during the night when artificial lighting replaces natural light.

Terrace White LRV

If you still think TW is purely white, consider the following fact: colors with a Light Reflectance Value higher than 82 are white, referring to white shades only. Everything that comes lower is off-white. TW has an LRV of 72. Close to white, yet not white. Reflecting 72% of light out of 100 shows that a room painted with TW feels bright and large. 

Terrace White Undertones

Finally, we got to the part that explains everything. The neutral paint color starring in this article has a subtle beige-gray hint, very soft and relaxing. Additionally, the green-blue fragrance allows this shade the liberty to seem slightly green or blue, and you can easily mistake TW for a very light blue shade if the right light hits.

Similar Colors

We don’t promise all the following alternative shades will give you a 100% similar effect, but they are worth trying since some are considerably close to White Terrace. To your attention – the best substitute paint colors to use instead of Terrace White if it is the case:

  • Highgate SP2B6 by Dulux Australia – a light blue-gray devoid of the subtle beige pigment, much cooler and fresher;
  • Gray Shimmer MQ3-25 by Behr – with a 99% similarity to WT, this light gray serves as a perfect alternative; there is not a single aspect we can hold onto;
  • Drizzle PPU26-14 by Behr – similarly as with the previous shade; interestingly, how the same gray variation can also feel like the fresh drizzle drops;
  • Graytint 1611 by Benjamin Moore – literally, the same neutral shade with a beige-gray undertone that reads green-blue, maybe a tiny bit brighter;
  • Pearl River 871 by Benjamin Moore – a close gray shade with a slightly more underlined beige trace, yet still cool and refreshing;
  • Olympus White SW 6253 by Sherwin-Williams – a little bit closer to white, yet still an impressively light gray shade with a beige cast that leans blue;
  • Site White SW 7070 by Sherwin-Williams – despite the name, the lightest blue-gray ever penetrated by a few bright beige undertones;
  • Peregrine PPG0993-1 by PPG Paints – one of the closest substitutes to TW due to a similar beige-gray base and green-blue effect;
  • Blush Blush by Pantone – if you put this shade and TW side to side, you won’t notice a single difference; only the unnoticeably lower LRV would distinguish between them.

Coordinating Colors

Terrace White is neutral, right? It means it works with pretty much any other color. If you still want to pair it with another shade of white, colorists advise choosing cooler whites. For contrast, go with muted color variations. Here are a few precise color matchings from Dulux:

  • Lexicon Half SW1G2 – a clean and crisp white, perfect for the trim or as the primary color due to its ability to underline architectural features;
  • Tranquil Retreat SN4G1 – a mid-tone gray shade with a subtle tinge of soft retreat;
  • Snowy Mountain Half SW2F3 – a slightly impartial white giving off a sunshine vibe when fully bathed in sun rays;
  • Raspberry Macaroon S48F8 – a brilliant shade of dusty rose with bright color pillars revealing the ripe raspberry color; one of the best contrast colors to pair with TW.

Use of Terrace White in Interior Design

The idea of Terrace White looking gray should not give you any worries. While grays are fast going out of trend, such gray shades with rich pigments as Terrace White will always be welcome. Moreover, you can use this neutral paint color to paint the walls in any room of your house. We will show you how you do that.

Modern Bedroom with a Mountain Air

We usually want our personal spaces to look and feel pleasant, calming, and easy, like an escape from the daily routine and worries. In this sense, avoid contrasts and opt for an airy color palette. Choose TW for walls and light wood flooring. Avoid cluttered surfaces and unnecessary accessories. Let the room breathe and refresh your mind.

New Scandinavian

We all know that the Scandi color codes include cool grays that reflect the Nordic countries’ weather. If you are still fond of the timeless design style that uses wood and aesthetic decor, update the look with a new neutral paint color for walls. Ensure natural light fully penetrates the space and avoid any unnecessary units of furniture or decor that may risk the room’s aesthetics.

Underlining Architectural Features

When light and shadows play with the dusty gray Terrace White, it tends to add a magical feel of sophistication and style. Therefore, painting gray walls decorated with Classic molding, be it in a Classic, Neoclassical, or Parisian design, is a great chance to uplift the mood in your room. It also works for beautifully decorated kitchen cabinet facades.

Boys Room

There is a tinge of masculine energy in Terrace White. While this paint color would look great in every kid’s room, regardless of gender, there are ready-made projects with boys’ rooms painted light gray since this neutral accepts any accessories in terms of furniture, decor, and personal belongings. Moreover, the base color adapts to the current decor as your child grows up. 

Kitchen and Dining Room

Calm like the summer morning fog over a lake; this is how your kitchen can feel like. Paint the cabinets light gray paired with white-washed walls, and allow yourself the only liberty to add your mark with gold hardware. 

In the dining room, Terrace White has a whole new story. It likes to work here with white only or wood. You may as well invite a few colorful accents if the ambiance feels too peaceful to you. Terrace White is the definition of undisturbed calmness.


Designers usually recommend such refreshing grays for southern locations constantly bathed in sunlight. And, here you have two options: pair Terrace White, be it on walls or vanity cabinets, with gold or silver hardware. Silver leads to a pronounced cool effect, while gold makes the light gray shade seem softer. 

Use of Terrace White for House Exterior

Terrace White looks much brighter when used outdoors. We can safely call it now a white paint color. Since TW is a contemporary paint color, it acts flexibly towards various design styles. You can see this cloudy gray on an ultra-modern cubical house or a traditional coastal exterior; the list of possibilities doesn’t end here.

Dulux’s Terrace White paint color teaches us to be patient and prioritize our well-being. It’s time you took care of your inner state. Therefore, start the new design season with a new empowering paint color – a gorgeous sky-clean gray.

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