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Lei Flower SW 6613

A vibrant coral-orange that brings the comfort of terracotta shades, the freshness of juicy hues, and the calmness of pastel tones; all at once with one trendy color.

Kestrel White SW 7516

A charmingly warm white with pink undertones inspired by pottery colors; first-class paint color for aesthetically pleasing interiors and exteriors.

Foothills SW 7514

A formal gray-brown polished with summertime warmth, a great neutral paint color for interiors and exteriors that seek comfort, functionality, and security.

Likeable Sand SW 6058

A warm dessert pink resonating with the nostalgic effect of a vintage dusty rose; smoky gray-pink and peachy pink under the same color code to suit any taste.

Indigo SW 6531

A historic purple-blue color with a naturally bold and tradition-filled personality that holds the memories of the past and gives hope for a brighter future.

Mineral Gray SW 2740

A dark and cool royal blue-gray; one of the trendiest shades of navy blue in contemporary design instantly embraced by homeowners and designers.

Studio Mauve SW 0062

A reviving grayish purple with a rich history enetering the new-era color trends with more creativity, stimulation, and hope for contemporary design.

Carnelian SW 7580

A dark brownish-purple with red undertones resembling royal burgundy; a heritage paint color that changed the world of design through its legacy.

Pediment SW 7634

A classy bright white resembling a very light and warm greige shade with blue-violet undertones; a trendy canvas paint color for creative approaches to design.

Blue Peacock SW 0064

An intensely bright teal paint color with green-biased undertones; one of the trendiest colors of the year 2023 that encourage us to embrace the new wave of bright colors.

Homburg Gray SW 7622

A dark and intensely cool gray with organic green undertones that comes to the rescue of the fading neutrals and brings update and intrigue to most design styles.

Threshold Taupe SW 7501

A deep taupe shade with intense brown and gray color drops perfectly balanced by the trendy and versatile color base; a new-era neutral paint color.

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