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Alabaster SW 7008

It reveals a clear white surface with an unprecedented softness that homeowners cannot help but fall in love with.

Benjamin Moore
Caldwell Green HC-124

Comprises a wide range of shades that replicate tradition, refinement, and elegance, impressing with their timeless appearance that works for traditional and modern interiors and exteriors.

White Metal N520-1

A light gray, reflecting a metallic appearance as the name implies. At one glance - crispy, at another - soft.

Mindful Gray SW 7016

The perfect gray from SW is actually a greige, a blend of gray and slight notes of beige, which stands behind its warm feature.

Rock Salt

The fabulous neutral from Dulux is a unique off-white shade. The unobtrusive gray notes penetrate the surface in a very unexpected way.

Benjamin Moore
Stonington Gray HC-170

A perfect gray shade for those looking for neutrals that feel cool yet soft, low-key yet unique, and add a special sense of elegance to the overly simplified contemporary interiors.

Tricorn Black SW 6258

One of the truest versions of black, part of the most popular black paint colors, this shade is a no-fail option for an accent or background.

Illusive Green SW 9164

The SW 9164 paint color from Sherwin-Williams is a mix of green and gray, where the latter prevails. It is indeed a gray shade that makes the illusion of green.

Benjamin Moore
Classic Gray OC-23

Classic Gray is an off-white shade, to be precise - a light gray penetrated by particles of warm yet not devoid of a slight crisp effect.

Naval SW 6244

Naval from SW is a dark blue color with rich notes that hypnotize and inspire. A replication of the night sky and the sea, a source of confidence and rejuvenation, a symbol of change.

Classic Silver PPU18-11

Classic Silver is a medium gray with a neutral base. It borrowed a few warm notes from yellow and a few cool scents from blue, coming up with a perfect combination.

Benjamin Moore
Balboa Mist OC-27

A mix of gray and beige notes, called greige, on the verge of passing the threshold into the gray category. Is it gray or greige then? Actually, both.

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