A true white, devoid of undertones, gravitating slightly towards the cool side. Let’s put it this way: it is the whitest of all white shades.

LRV 94

Contemporary interiors and exteriors cannot simply go today without a splash of white color. Besides the well-known benefits of this color, such as the refreshing feel and expanding effect, white has more in store for us. Today, we speak about a special shade of the kind. For a start, it is worth mentioning that homeowners and, even sometimes, designers are rather confused by seemingly pure white shades that play the trick on them through their undertones, be it beige, gray, blue, green, or even bolder notes, such as orange or pink. This is why the renowned paint manufacturer Behr came up with the purest variation of white to make your life easier. 

The Ultra Pure White 1850 paint color is a true white, devoid of undertones, gravitating slightly towards the cool side. We cannot help but notice that this shade is closely related to High Reflective White SW 7757 from another no less popular manufacturer – Sherwin Williams, with Ultra Pure White being slightly lighter. It seems that this outstanding white cannot simply be beaten by any other shade. What makes it so special, besides the fact that this is the cleanest shade of white? Let’s reveal its essence and inner beauty!

Ultra Pure White paint color features

Ultra Pure White is a super clean shade of white. Let’s put it this way: it is the whitest of all white shades. Therefore, the main features peculiar to white are increased to their highest level when we speak about this shade. If we were to describe it shortly, it would sound as follows: extremely light, impressively airy, outstandingly refreshing, surprisingly stimulating, and no less astonishingly expanding. 

If you wonder what such a pure shade of white feels like, let’s refer to homeowners who have already experienced it. It appears to be very invigorating due to its rather coolish undertone and exceptionally fresh so that not a single touch of a warmer shade can compete with it. This shade expands the space borders at levels you thought were simply impossible, and, besides its seemingly cool appearance, it is quite pleasant and draws your attention in a unique way, which is surely a compliment for any interior or exterior. 

Ultra Pure White: is it warm or cold?

We would not like to call this shade cold since its appealing appearance cannot simply allow us such a thing. Nevertheless, we tend to speak facts instead of relying on personal perception. This is what we found out: Ultra Pure White seems rather neutral, considering that not a single undertone dares disturb its peace, although a coolish note can still be perceived. Don’t get us wrong! It is not a cold coolish note but rather a refreshing cool one that stands behind the impressive airy effect.

How does lighting affect Ultra Pure White?

Is there any need to speak about light when we have a true white? Well, even a shade like that cannot stand the influence of this factor that is always the one to make the last decision. Here is the trick this color plays on us: the seemingly coolish white appears to be rather warm (well, slightly warm) in east, west, and south-facing rooms and extra cool in north-facing rooms. The vibe changes entirely. Nevertheless, you can always play with artificial lighting sources and use their cool or warm undertones to bring out the best in this shade, regardless of which way you go.

Ultra Pure White LRV

We are not at all surprised that Ultra Pure White reaches a value of 94 when it comes to the light reflectance ability, which, on a scale from 0 to 100, places it in the category of extremely light colors. Let’s make it clear! 100 stands for an indeed true white, and this shade is quite close to reaching this level of perfection. Do you know what that means? An extra airy effect, extra light environment, extra additional space. Like a breath of fresh air, like a touch of snowy crisp, like a limitless horizon full of hope – this is what a color with such a high LRV feels like. 

Ultra Pure White undertones

Are you waiting that we will still refer to a hidden undertone that tries to penetrate the surface of this shade? Well, we don’t want to disappoint you, but there is nothing of this kind we could refer to. Ultra Pure White is indeed a pure shade of white, and not a single undertone dares spoil such a perfect character. Of course, this light shade can easily reflect particular amounts of the neighboring colors, although always staying true to its own values.

Similar colors

Of course, the range of white shades is so wide that there are surely a few, in this case – literally, a few, colors that are similar to Ultra Pure White. Nevertheless, our thorough analysis shows that not a single shade can replicate the essence of this white, even at the same Behr, although we would like to refer to other manufacturers as well. Let’s find out what alternatives there are!

  • Calcium GR-W10 – a slightly darker shade of white with subtle gray undertones, which stand for its relatively cool appearance;
  • Fresh Dew M370-1 – quite identical to the previous variation, although this one seems to be penetrated by a rather bluish undertone;
  • All White 2005 by Farrow & Ball – a softer alternative to Ultra Pure White, devoid of the cool note and slightly lighter;
  • Pure White SW 7005 by Sherwin Williams – a darker shade of white with clearly perceived gray undertones that feel slightly soft;
  • Pacific Breeze by Dulux – definitely lighter than the previous shade, although not devoid of a rather neutral gray undertone.

Coordinating colors

Ultra Pure White is surely the dream background for various shades, particularly the bold ones, although soothing colors can benefit from such a companion as well. This shade of white serves as a canvas, and almost any combination of colors would look perfect on such a background if you want to add a few points of interest. Nevertheless, its collaboration with other neutrals and pastels is no less stylish, particularly in contemporary settings that put an accent on simplicity. Luckily, all these matching partners can be found at the same Behr. Let’s get more specific!

  • Whitened Sage PPU10-12 – soothing gray with soft blue notes, resembling an appealing shade of light lavender;
  • Morning Zen S380-2 – medium gray with a soothing appearance and impressive peace-inducing scents;
  • New House White RD-W10 – soft white with a slight purple hint that offers it an appealing blooming effect;
  • Bakery Box BL-W09 – crispy white penetrated by a subtle blue tint that radiates  pleasant notes of freshness;
  • Dutch White MQ3-31 – invigorating shade of white diluted with a few drops of lavender for an extremely airy appearance;
  • Unwind GR-W05 – a seemingly pure white, although with light blue-gray notes that try to penetrate the surface;
  • Cherry Juice S130-4 – pastel shade of a very bright pink that resonates with the color of very ripe cherries;
  • Jungle Camouflage N350-4 – neutral green devoid of intensity and penetrated by noticeable gray notes;
  • Voyage PPU13-07 – bold shade of blue, slightly cooled down yet exceptionally appealing due to its intensity;
  • Fortune N100-4 – pastel shade of cold purple with slightly dark notes that feels neutral yet not devoid of hidden boldness;
  • Bleached Linen PPU5-09 – soothing beige with light notes and rather dusty pink undertones;
  • Taupe Tease N210-1 – calming gray enriched with a few rather purple scents and neither dark nor light appearance;
  • Nightingale Gray N200-3 – a rather dark gray penetrated by a purple hint and slight particles of beige;
  • Urban Raincoat N440-2 – soothing blue resembling the early morning sky covered by a foggy effect;
  • Vanity N540-3 – pale purple with a rather cold surface yet an extremely pleasant-to-the-eye look;
  • Swirling Water PR-W10 – cool shade of light gray with soft blue notes on the horizon;
  • Baja PPU7-08 – pale brown resembling a soothing shade of dark beige with invigorating cool scents;
  • White Mocha OR-W11 – a creamy shade of light beige diluted with a few particles of soothing purple;
  • Twinberry MQ1-14 – very dark shade of crimson, exceptionally bold and appealing;
  • Solemn Silence PPU26-12 – a light shade of lavender with rather cool particles of gray;
  • Early September M500-2 – bright and positive blue that resonates with the inner beauty of the early morning sky at the beginning of autumn;
  • Deep Merlot M100-7 – very dark purple that impresses with its depth and mesmerizing effect;
  • Misty Lavender S570-1 – soft lavender covered by a slight foggy effect;
  • Frosted Sage N400-2 – a combination of cool green with gray penetrated by noticeable fog particles;
  • Silence N410-1 – frosty white with a slight grayish tint and an impressively calming effect.

Use of Ultra Pure White in interior

Ultra Pure White has the amazing ability to adapt to a wide range of styles. First of all, it serves as a perfect backdrop for accents by means of color and texture. As the list of soothing coordinating colors shows, this shade of white can as well enrich the space as an accent itself. The border is well-defined: an all-white space with clearly defined lines is a perfect interpretation of contemporaneity while adding a few bold colors, round shapes, and soft fabric units results in an entirely different setting, which can be directed towards any style. Let’s see how Ultra Pure White behaves in such a context!

An all-white statement

You will simply be impressed by what an exceptional statement an all-white interior can make, including, of course, Ultra Pure White, particularly for the walls. As regards the rest, consider various shades of white for the furniture and textiles. The space will not look at all faded but rather embrace modern values to the fullest. Of course, it is not possible to avoid at least a tiny splash of other colors and a slight touch of texture, but considering them in a limited amount will not disturb at all the contemporary feel set by white. We suggest opting for a few pots with greeneries, and you will notice how the picture enhances. Such an approach works for every room, considering it even for the house interior as a whole. Clean, fresh, spacious, pleasant to the eye, inspiring, and, most of all, contemporary – this is what your interior will feel like with an all-white approach, where the white shade from Behr holds a leading role. 

Dilute the monochromatic palette

If an all-white interior seems too formal to you, dilute the monochromatic palette with a few splashes of bright colors or add texture. Consider Ultra Pure White for the walls and accompany them with an accent sofa, particularly impressive being various shades of blue, from the darkest to the most soothing one. Consider natural wood for a Modern Farmhouse style, or go with rattan pieces of furniture to set a Coastal environment. Any other color but white would look fantastic on such a neutral background, which means that you can play with elements peculiar to any style.

A new perception of the Coastal style

Coastal style is a pure replication of freshness, ease, comfort, and all these being led by a strong feeling of calmness. Does it sound familiar? It seems like the description of Ultra Pure White itself. Well, why not double the effect? Consider this fabulous shade from Behr for the walls or particular pieces of furniture, opting for soothing shades of blue to dilute the palette and nature-inspired materials to add texture. No less impressive look various shades of beige within such a setting, throwing new light on the well-known style. Either way, the white background will emphasize even more the accents of this style and add a contemporary sense to the composition as a whole. 

Living room

When you have a white paint color at your disposal, you should think, first of all, about its use as a background, which works perfectly for Ultra Pure White in a living room. Of course, you can play with the rest of the elements any way you want, although we suggest keeping this shade of white as a leading part, which means that the other units should not suppress the backdrop entirely. In this sense, you can opt for matching soothing shades to preserve the sleek contemporary look or add a few (literally a few) accents, such as tiny splashes of bolder colors or textures to add standout yet balanced points of interest. 


We cannot help but refer once again to an all-white interior, particularly when it comes to the bedroom. It is indeed possible to add individuality to this space only by opting for a combination of white shades, where the leading one is the fabulous Ultra Pure White. Such an airy and invigorating setting is a reliable source of freedom, by which we mean freedom to dive deep into your thoughts and find harmony with yourself. Surely, you can dilute the palette a bit with a few soothing touches of color or go bold with a black and white pairing for an exceptional statement. 

Kitchen and dining room

The outstanding look of an all-white kitchen cannot be beaten by any other approach unless you combine Ultra Pure White with wood. Be it the countertop, the lower cabinets, or the floor, particularly natural wood will reveal its authentic texture at its finest when accompanied by such a striking yet balanced shade of white. Such a combination will surely work for a Modern Farmhouse style, embracing tradition exquisitely. 

Once we enter the dining area, we are free to play with accents on the white background. Nevertheless, we would not deviate much from the earlier tackled pairings: Ultra Pure White for the walls and black accents or natural wood texture for the furniture. 


As friendly as this shade of white may seem to other colors, we suggest you don’t stick to any bright accents and preserve the sleek contemporary look with an all-white bathroom or integrate the safe combinations between Ultra Pure White with black or the same shade of white with wood. Furthermore, you can make quite a statement with a mix of all those three. First of all, your bathroom will surely go far beyond its limits, looking impressively spacious, fresh, and functional, which, by the way, is a kind of elegant functionality if we speak about an all-white bathroom. What comes next is a breath of contemporary air for a timeless effect.

Use of Ultra Pure White for house exterior

When we say that there are white shades so confident that even their exposure to full daylight would not make them look faded, Ultra Pure White is the first to come to mind. You can safely consider it for the exterior walls of your house, which, accompanied by black shutters and front door, is the replication of a perfect contrastive combination. You are free to go with any style you want and opt for any matching colors as long as white keeps its leading role. Nevertheless, we cannot help but mention the suitability of a black and white pairing for modern architectural pieces of art. That’s right! This is what such a combination promises.

Wait till you find out what a stately feel bears a front door painted in this shade, particularly for a house with brick walls. In a few words: a contemporary sense of aristocracy. As you have probably noticed, Ultra Pure White adds a splash of modern feel to any element it interacts with. 

The Ultra Pure White 1850 paint color from Behr is a real find for lovers of true whites. As regards the interior and exterior design, we cannot refer to this shade any other way than a canvas ready to implement your design ideas. Either way you decide to go, the aesthetic look and timeless feel of contemporary beauty will surely be the defining features of your house design.

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