A blue-gray paint color with a foggy cover that blooms at its finest under a large amount of light and changes your perception at different levels when playing with lighting sources.

LRV 43

Another neutral color is the star of our articles. It seems that designers are so impressed with neutrals that they have gone as far as opting for unusual variations within this category of colors. A perfect example in this sense is the less known Uncertain Gray by Sherwin Williams. One would assume that we speak about a shade of gray, but this is when things get interesting. Is it gray? Is it blue? You cannot tell for sure as the name itself points out the uncertainty of choice. A thorough analysis will help us reveal the secrets of this sophisticated shade. Are you in? Surely, a person interested in interior design would not skip such an elusive yet fascinating paint color.

Uncertain Gray paint color features

It is no secret that there are various shades of gray: light, dark, cold, warm. The main character of this article is far beyond our expectations. There are so many secrets hidden under a seemingly simple shade of gray. Let’s start with the facts! Uncertain Gray is a blue-gray paint color with a foggy cover that blooms at its finest under a large amount of light and changes your perception at different levels when playing with lighting sources. Extremely versatile, it adapts to particular situations and impresses every time with new variations. Let’s put it this way: it feels like a breath of fresh air during the day and surrounds a space with comfort and calmness during the night.

Uncertain Gray: is it warm or cold?

Some call it cold; others call it cool; we tend to appreciate this shade as a balance between those two extremities. Neither too cold nor certainly cool; this intriguing shade loves to play the trick on us. We see it as a fresh breath of mountain air; crispy, invigorating, and undoubtedly appealing due to the blue notes merged with a gray background. Nevertheless, we shall mention once again the lighting. Once the latter comes in smaller amounts, particularly if being artificial, Uncertain Gray will acquire a pronounced gray appearance. In particular situations, it may seem surprisingly cold. 

How does lighting affect Uncertain Gray?

As a starting point, it is worth mentioning that Uncertain Gray is neutral, and such a category of shades is known to behave according to particular lighting. It is not a surprise that this shade of gray looks light and even comprises a thin foggy layer, while a reduced amount of light leads to a darker shade of the same color. What about balanced lighting? The result is a delicate gray that reveals all its undertones. One should note that Uncertain Gray can bring subtle brown notes to the surface if we speak about a room that is devoid of enough natural light, and artificial lighting sources with warm undertones are considered. 

Uncertain Gray LRV

The LRV light reflectance for Uncertain Gray by Sherwin Williams reaches a value of 43. It is quite an excellent figure for a cool shade like that. We will translate it to you: SW 6234 hue is part of the middle tones. It is certainly able to brighten up the room and even expand its limits, although under one condition: enough light should be ensured. If such a condition is avoided, Uncertain Gray is nothing else but a neutral gray.

Uncertain Gray undertones

As it was already mentioned, Uncertain Gray consists of blue undertones. They are responsible for the unprecedented level of freshness and the airy effect that this color brings within an interior. Extremely stimulating under the influence of daylight and blooming in a specific way, we may even call it warmer, under the effect of artificial light. These particular drops of blue enrich our shade of gray with delicacy and make it reveal its beauty at a whole new level. 

Similar colors

As original as this shade is, it has lots of friends that reflect an almost similar combination of gray and blue. Furthermore, it does not stop at Sherwin Williams since the spread of such a popular mixture reached other paint manufacturers as well. The similarity between the shades is surprising, but even more impressive are their particular features. Let’s dive into the world of blue-gray shades!

  • Morning Fog SW 6255 – light gray with pronounced notes of blue;
  • Online SW 7072 – foggy gray with subtle blue undertones;
  • Jubilee SW 6248 – a balanced mixture of gray and blue with a light appearance;
  • Subway Tile&reg CSP-585 by Benjamin Moore – an extremely light gray with a few merged drops of soothing blue;
  • Gull Wing Gray 2134-50 by Benjamin Moore – an impressive combination of light gray and slightly noticeable notes of blue;
  • Mirror Mirror PPG 1039-3 by PPG Paints – extremely light gray with a reflected sparkle of blue;
  • Gosling Gray PPG 0993-3 by PPG Paints – crispy gray with subtle touches of fresh blue.

Coordinating colors

Luckily, Uncertain Gray is not that uncertain about its matching partners, offering a wide range of possibilities. Feel free to play with contrasts and use this neutral shade as a background. Do you have in mind another neutral shade, a light hue, or probably a bright color? Don’t hesitate to combine them with the newly discovered shade from Sherwin Williams. For a narrower perspective regarding its compatibility with other colors, let’s find out what experts from the same company suggest!

  • Origami White SW 7636 – crispy white with a slightly noticeable breath of fresh gray;
  • Foggy Day SW 6235 – dark gray penetrated by a splash of cool blue;
  • Rock Candy SW 6231 – clear white with small merged particles of blue.

The use of Uncertain Gray in interior

The neutral yet astonishing shade from Sherwin Williams is more than welcome in the interior. Do you fancy a whole makeover of a traditionally-designed room or plan on offering it a modern look? One way or another, Uncertain Gray is so uncertain about what way to go that it fits perfectly any style. We are happy to reveal some of the design solutions using this color.

New light on the Neoclassical style

The delicate wall molding lines, a modern arrangement, and a few elegant accessories accompanied by a classy combination of gray and blue; does it meet your standard of beauty? It surely meets our standards of perfection. Both grays and blues are known to be irreplaceable companions for the Neoclassical style. The result promises to be outstanding if using both. Be it a hallway, living, or dining, this perfect shade from Sherwin Williams will make you take this style to another level. 

Vintage, Art Deco, or Boho?

Do you wonder which of these styles would go better with our shade of gray? The answer is clear: all of them and even other styles as well. Uncertain Gray is that flexible that it is ready to become friends with any direction you take. First of all, it is a perfect backdrop for your wildest design ideas. Secondly, the subtle splash of blue keeps it visually interesting. Therefore, the display of any colors and textures on such a background will look like a masterpiece. Be it an amalgam of various shades for a Bohemian statement, an apparently simple design enriched with a vintage chandelier, or a few sparkles of brass for an Art Deco setting. 


Uncertain Gray is a balanced mixture of cool gray and soothing blue, which appears to be perfect for a relaxing space as the bedroom. Combine walls painted with this shade with light colors for a cohesive combination, which is both calming and appealing. Would you take the challenge for a bolder arrangement? Opt for contrastive textiles or metals to enrich the environment of a room with a blue-gray accent wall. Be it a functional Scandinavian style or an eclectic combination that embraces both traditional and contemporary values, Uncertain Gray will not disappoint you either way. Here is a tip: a space with walls decorated this way will benefit from a splash of greenery, such as pots with indoor plants.

Living room

Uncertain Gray goes with almost any style, and it would be a shame not to give it a try in the living. Do you fancy a whole makeover? Simply paint the walls entirely in this shade, and you will notice how the space gains individuality. Perhaps a blue-gray accent wall? Why not? Combine it with light wood flooring and soft-colored textiles for a relaxing effect. If you have always dreamt of a living room full of accents to reveal your boldest ideas, you can do this with a neutral background like this without risking the successful result of your work.  


We have already stated that this fresh shade of gray fits perfectly any space as a background. Applying it to the kitchen walls is no less effective. However, we suggest you better paint the cabinets in this color. The blue undertones will make your seemingly simple design acquire a whole new personality. A few elements of gold, and your kitchen will sparkle as never before. Slick yet sophisticated, such a combination will work perfectly for a Farmhouse style. Go with a marble countertop or backsplash for cabinets painted in this color, and your modern kitchen is ready.


This cascade-like shade is nothing but perfect for the bathroom. Whether you decide to paint the walls this way or go with this shade for cabinets, the contrastive splashes of white will thank you for the integration of a new sparkle of color and freshness. It is all clear during the day: light and crispy. What about spaces with a reduced amount of light, particularly at night? Wall sconces, LED lights, enormous pendants, all of them are at your disposal since such a sophisticated color as this one requires utmost attention when it comes to lighting.

The use of Uncertain Gray for exterior

Not all grays are suitable for the house exterior. Some may seem too bold; others may seem faded on rainy days. Luckily, our shade of gray is not part of any of those categories. Neutral enough for a stately look, Uncertain Gray is certainly perfect for your house facade, and it comes with more than one option. If it is wood, paint the house walls entirely with this color and ensure a harmonious look by opting for white window frames. At the same time, a more contemporary approach supposes painting the walls with Uncertain Gray, regardless of the materials, and considering black for the roof, window frames, and door. 

This still surprising shade from Sherwin Williams will work its magic no less effectively on the front door. Such an appealing accent will look perfectly on a white background, radiating welcoming notes. 

Uncertain Gray paint color from Sherwin Williams is what we call an interpretation of perfection. Balanced, invigorating, and appealing, it is everything a contemporary setting requires. If wondering what neutral to choose as a background for your boldest design ideas, don’t hesitate to opt for this one. Additionally to its calming look, the blue undertones are there to add originality to your interior and exterior.

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