An excellent balance between gray, black, green, and brown, and in their most natural manifestation.


Urbane Bronze SW 7048 is a paint shade developed by the designers of Sherwin-Williams and is worth special attention today. The fact is that it was its manufacturer who proclaimed the color of the year in 2021! Five years ago, it was featured in the Pura Vida and Minimalist collections. Now, it has become a real gem of the new Sanctuary collection – a stunning palette that draws inspiration from nature itself with its soothing beige, gray, and brown in the most eye-pleasing variations.

Urbane Bronze paint color features

Urbane Bronze is an excellent balance between gray, black, green, and brown, and in their most natural manifestation. Now it is even difficult to say what exactly inspired the creators of the color – magnificent views of mountain huts made of wood or roughly hewn stone, the unique texture of leather, or that very blackened metal. However, you can feel both the influence of friendly Scandi and the calm warmth of minimalism, the elegance of classics, and the charm of DIY elements like in a loft or farmhouse.

The representatives of Sherwin-Williams themselves assess it as “serene, down to earth, and meditative,” which fully reflects the perception of this shade, reminiscent of the aged bronze of lamps and mirrored frames.

Urbane Bronze: is it warm or Cold?

Designers, like the creators of the color themselves, unequivocally classify Urbane Bronze as a warm color – and if you take a closer look at it, you can understand how true this is. The abundance of earthy brown undertones, reminiscent of sun-warmed soil, makes this shade so, and you can be sure that you will feel this effect in your interior.

How does lighting affect Urbane Bronze?

Designers believe that the ideal way to fit this wonderful shade into the interior organically is to use it in a bright room or for a surface that receives the maximum amount of light. In this case, its exquisite, brown-bronze undertone will be able to reveal itself and please with its naturalness and complexity fully. However, painting a wall or furniture in a dark room with it is a conscious risk: in poor lighting, Urbane Bronze can appear very dark brown or an overly strict dark gray.

Urbane Bronze LRV

For dark colors, which also applies to Urbane Bronze, a parameter such as LRV (Light Reflectance Value) is also very important. From this, you can determine how strongly it absorbs light.

Urbane Bronze has an LRV of 9. This value allows this paint color to be attributed to dark tones and, therefore, should be used with caution in rooms with low or insufficient lighting, as it may look too gloomy.

Urban Bronze undertones

The prominent undertone for Urbane Bronze is, of course, brown, but you can catch a lot of black notes and even a certain amount of green in it. This mix gives a different perception of color, depending on the lighting and angle of view: it can look warm and brown, go almost black or even gray, or resemble patinated bronze.

Similar colors

Shades similar to Urbane Bronze include:

  • Chateau Brown SW 7510 – very pure dark gray color with a noticeable soothing effect due to soft tones;
  • Enduring Bronze SW 7055 – another variation of the bronze tone, this time with a slightly more pronounced greenish accent, reminiscent of a patina;
  • Black Fox SW 7020 – very close to Urbane Bronze shade, containing a little more black;
  • Ashwood Moss BM 1484 from Benjamin Moore – deep dark shade with a pronounced influence of gray.

Coordinating colors

  • Extra White SW 7006 – noble gray-brown tone;
  • Ivoire SW 6127 – warm light beige, natural and slightly aged;
  • Shoji White SW 7042 – a characteristic white with a natural gray-beige sheen;
  • Rain SW 6219 – slightly dusty blue-gray shade;
  • Whisper White HDC-MD-08 by Behr – muted white with a touch of beige.

Use of Urbane Bronze paint in interior and exterior

First of all, it is worth noting that using Urbane Bronze as a base for wall decoration is somewhat risky – it is too complex and dark for this. However, if you have the guts, you can paint the walls in this color while caring for light contrasting furniture, neutral flooring, and a couple of bright accents.

In addition, this does not mean at all that the scope of use of Urbane Bronze is not too broad. On the contrary, there are many options for this deep and dark bronze shade; otherwise, it would not be the color of the year in 2021.

Accent wall

This solution is most in demand for a given paint color – and, first of all, in interiors where minimalism and eco reign. Place racks made of unpainted wood or metal against the background of such a wall, place metal figurines or green plants in pots on them – an interior inspired by nature itself will give you peace of mind.

Kitchen cabinets

Not sure what the modern cabinets for a bright kitchen should look like? It’s time to order Urbane Bronze. Its noble dark tone with earthy and patinated notes is in perfect harmony with walls painted in both warm and cool tones of white and beige. Add brass or bronze metal hardware to this beautiful composition (what an obvious but effective move!) – and you will achieve maximum integrity of your interior.

Front doors

Doors in this fantastic shade will look great both against the background of light and neutral walls of the house and in combination with calm shades of yellow, cool green, and blue. Such an entrance group looks hospitable and respectable. However, it is devoid of any unnecessary solemnity and pretentiousness.

Hygge style

The natural and profound serenity of Urbane Bronze is a real find for a style that combines warmth, comfort, and a complete detachment from everyday problems and crazy urban rhythm. Paint one or two walls with this paint, take care of the soft light of candles or lanterns, do not forget about ceramics, wicker decor, and natural fabrics – and enjoy a space that literally hugs you from all sides.

House exterior

White and beige facades seem banal and of the same type to you, but colorful and cheerful ones tired you a little? Urbane Bronze will surely help you make your home the best on your street. The combination of a very dark bronze shade and white architectural elements – shutters, platbands and frames, windows, and roof canopies, will allow your home to look elegant but not defiant. That being said, you can use it for both elegant classics and something cozier in a rustic style.

The shade of Urbane Bronze by Sherwin-Williams is dark and balanced, calm and mysterious, deep and rich in nuances. Using it for interior or exterior decoration of your home, you get a complex and unusual, but at the same time surprisingly inviting and cozy space.

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