A popular ivory-white tone that makes for a relaxing and timeless ambiance; it works great with any design style and color palette indside and out.

LRV 83

We live in times when many work-related activities can be performed from home, and remote working allows us to choose our location – the one that feels more like home. Consequently, most rush to the countryside, where they can finally feel nature at its finest. 

Celebrating the eternal love for the outdoor world and the need to connect with nature, our beloved brand Dulux suggests a wide selection of natural hues in its 2023 Connection color collection. This way, you can feel the outdoors in your home, even in the middle of the urban hustle. This gorgeous palette of paint colors starts with one of the best white paints – Whisper White, an abundant and charismatic white shade that won the designers’ hearts. How come?

Whisper White Paint Color Features

“The most perfect ivory, a lush, warm white.” That’s how colorists from Dulux describe it. Indeed, Whisper White, as the name sounds, is an airy white shade with the slightest gray-yellow hint that makes for the most opulent ivory tone. It doesn’t read too yellow and allows for a free interpretation of its elegance. 

Don’t mistake this perfect white for Whisper White by Behr, a similarly rich white tone, not too eye-catching yet exceptionally pure and calm, revealing rather beige or cream undertones. Note that there is also a paint color White Whisper at Dulux, which seems more pigmented with an added pink fragrance. 

Unlike pure whites, the ivory-white Whisper White from Dulux seems more elegant, entertaining, and formal. It shows a natural, earthy tinge that perfectly pairs with organic texture and most colors. Choosing ivory out of thousands of white shades reveals you as an honest and calm person with a balanced individuality. If you’ve always liked the delicacy of unusual neutrals, direct your attention to Whisper White.

Whisper White: Is It Warm or Cold?

Do you recall? A warm, lush white, as experts say. Undoubtedly, Whisper White is a calm and relaxing neutral with well-balanced yellow undertones. Its rich pigmentation is enough to lend the space a humble, welcoming feature.

How Does Lighting Affect Whisper White?

Whisper White is an impressively bright color. Regardless of how much light a space receives, it will always look well-lit and spacious if the walls are painted with Whisper White. The defining yellow trace casts an appealingly warm effect on this shade when Whisper White engages itself in a dance with sun rays. That usually happens in south-facing rooms. For instance, without direct access to sunlight in a space with north-facing windows, Whisper White feels more neutral, with muted gray-yellow undertones. In either of those cases, the paint color doesn’t seem too yellowish. 

Whisper White LRV

If you are a constant guest of our color review articles, you probably remember we more than once stated that any white shade with an LRV higher than 82 is closer to true whites, and everything that falls lower enters the off-white group. Whisper White reflects 83% of light out of 100. Standing at the border between white and off-white, this ivory white perfectly bounces light in a room and makes it feel exceptionally bright, even under poorer lighting conditions.

Whisper White Undertones

Usually, ivory shades have beige or cream undertones that render a perceivable yellow shadow over the particular white tone. At Whisper White, you can notice a played-down yellow undertone mixed with gray to prevent this paint from looking too yellowish. 

Similar Colors

We would be wrong to say that Whisper White cannot be replaced by any means. Of course, nothing replicates its unique, delicate personality, yet you can always find a quality substitute, mainly if this is a white shade. And you know where to find them:

  • White Polar Half SW1C1 by Dulux – a bright pinkish-gray white with a slightly warm pigment, ready to serve as a softer and somewhat pinkish alternative to Whisper White;
  • White Cloak Half SW2C3 by Dulux – a luminous white tone with stark warm gray undertones, a tiny bit deeper than Whisper White;
  • Arcade White GR-W08 by Behr – a 99.6% similar bright ivory to Whisper White; this one feels slightly lighter;
  • Silky White PPU7-12 by Behr – a beloved white hue with soft creamy undertones, substantially brighter than its counterpart from Dulux;
  • Dune White 968 by Benjamin Moore – a clean and delicate ivory-white, very close to Whisper White;
  • Swiss Coffee OC-45 by Benjamin Moore – a renowned soft white shade with gray-biased yellow-cream undertones just slightly warmer than Whisper White;
  • Alabaster SW 7008 by Sherwin-Williams – one of the best white shades available, a warm white shade with yellow-cream undertones that seem somewhat warmer than at Whisper White;
  • Greek Villa SW 7551 by Sherwin-Williams – another excellent white paint that radiates the blooming beauty of off-white shades with its summertime pink-yellow undertones, clearly warmer than Whisper White.

Coordinating Colors

Dulux states that Whisper White works great with any color inside and out. Still, it favors warm neutrals and the trending-now bright pops of color inspired by, guess what, nature. On the one hand, white, black, gray, and brown are no-fail choices. On the other hand, blue, purple, green, pink, olive, and orange make for a more impressive contrast. Some of the expert choice paint colors from Dulux may draw your interest:

  • Snowy Mountains Half SW1F3 – a relatively neutral white without catchy undertones that work with almost any category of colors;
  • Feather Soft SN3A1 – a highly appreciated muted greige with almost neutral yet slightly warm undertones that showcase feather-like serenity and ease;
  • Sandy Day S14C1 – a gorgeous warm shade of beige with a pleasant creamy base, used with Whisper White to intensify its gentle nature;
  • Mornington Half S09E1H – a medium-to-light soft pink with a subtle gray undertone that makes it a great match for a wide range of colors;
  • Spanish Olive SG5E1 – a fantastic mid-tone silver-green to apply to a neutral color palette if that requires a bit of pigment;
  • Deep Rift S28B7 – one of the top designer’s choices for Whisper White, a deep and moody shade of cool green that can create a perfect color palette for relaxation, showing a subtle royal appeal.

Use of Whisper White in Interior Design

For better or for worse, Whisper White works fabulously with any design style and color palette. Most projects we saw use natural texture on this ivory-white canvas. Designers also favor bright colors. No wonder Whisper White is one of the most popular white paints. We’ve prepared a few design ideas that will thrive surrounded by Whisper White’s delicacy. Feel free to borrow inspiration from the following mood boards.

Whisper White and Wood

The hidden organic feature of this off-white shade intensifies when using wood texture. Wood beams, paneling, furniture, floor, or decor add safety and comfort to any room in the house. You’ll benefit from a warm and inviting atmosphere all year round. Design styles that may go with this concept are Mid-Century Modern, Eco, Modern, Minimalist, Rustic, Country, and even Industrial.

Countryside Getaway

Resulting from the previous design idea, a Country design style with an ivory background color will recreate a dream escape out of your interior, even if you live in a large and busy city. The mandatory element is raw texture, such as wood and stone. Consider a calm creamy color code, large windows, and indoor plants. Note that wood may turn Whisper White into a warmer color. With the right decor, you can reinvent your interior design into a gorgeous French Provence or Spanish villa project.

New Classic Living Room

If you want a lounge area to enjoy and delight your eyes, switch to Classic. Choose this color for wall and ceiling molding decorated in the Classic style. The play of shadows on Whisper White will display a beautiful effect. Furnish the room with modern units, such as curved sofas, boucle accent chairs, and intricately shaped end tables. Add gold accents. Voluminous textiles and feature chandeliers will complete the design concept.

Buy the Look: Ivory Bedroom

It is a special kind of luxury comfort we crave in the sleeping space. It is time to replace beige and cream, if those are your favorites, with ivory – a much more delicate, gentle, and fine neutral. Besides opting for a full ivory color palette, you can also consider richly textured and earthy or veggie-colored textiles of natural fabrics and untreated wood furniture. The ivory softness will bathe the generously-grained natural textures in finesse and make for an exquisite ambiance.

Kitchen and Dining Room: With Love for Vintage

Regardless of how much we would want to bring Whisper White to something more up-to-date in the kitchen and dining room, it holds dear the celebration of old-time beauty, and we think this is authentic. Pair this ivory white with wood, fine marble, and brass or copper hardware in the cooking space, and enjoy the magical environment with either Rustic, Cottage, or Provence traces. Lucky you if you can witness the playful sun rays reveal their sunrise or sunset dance on the ivory-painted cabinets.

Mid-Century Modern, pure Vintage, or Retro work in the dining room. Preserve the color palette monochromatic with ivory-colored walls. Or, think of bright-colored chairs or a colorful wall accent.

Customized Bathroom Design

Whisper White is undoubtedly the “it” color when it comes to personalized design projects. Don’t skip the bathroom in this respect. It requires as much attention. In the following images, you can notice the versatility and ability of this sunkissed white to adapt to any design style. Do you fancy a luxury bathroom with vintage notes, a Mediterranean space with a warm ambiance, or a purely Rustic interior? This and more with Whisper White as a base color.

Use of Whisper White for House Exterior

We knew from the start that Whisper White is a sophisticated paint color, and guess what! It likes to pair with Traditional English or French exterior designs, favoring the fine things in life. The design concepts can always be improvised anywhere. You don’t necessarily have to live in England or France to enjoy the specific atmosphere at home. The select ivory-white paint will beautify the exterior house walls with its discreet elegance. Although Whisper White may seem brighter, almost falling into pure white when used outside, it will never cease to emanate finesse.

Dulux’s Whisper White paint color combines natural texture, royal sparkle, endless versatility, aesthetic appeal, and formality. Covering so many features, it is a go-to paint color for most design styles and decor choices.

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