A particularly clean and refreshing color even under intense warm lighting.

LRV 82

If you are interested in design in general and read us in particular, you probably already know how diverse and ambiguous white shades are. The variety of undertones and their combinations allows it to embrace any character while not at all depriving itself of freshness, purity, and the ability to shape the space. Perhaps this is why modern white palettes continue to be in wide demand. The existing tones are still chosen as the basis for both contemporary and modern interiors as well as for more traditional ones.

Today, designers divide shades of white into three large groups – absolutely neutral, warm, and cool. The first one has amazing resistance to the influence of lighting and an almost complete absence of any undertones. The latter has a slight warming effect and looks classically cozy and sophisticated. As for the third, we can notice how fresh and stylish the interiors become if we add a little coolness to them. Let’s consider this phenomenon using the example of one of the most popular shades of paint from the paint manufacturer Dulux – the controversial shade of White Mist.

White Mist paint color features

When developing White Mist, Dulux aimed to create a particularly clean and refreshing color even under intense warm lighting. This technique was not taken into account by chance: according to designers, thanks to it, any room looks more spacious, stylish, modern, and at the same time not devoid of sophistication.

It was possible to achieve such a result only with the help of a light and unobtrusive gray undertone – just one that would not be too conspicuous and at the same time would convey the necessary mood. In White Mist, this undertone resembles a slight haze, which explains the color name.

White Mist: is it warm or cold?

Even a quick glance at White Mist is enough to understand that it looks exactly cool without any compromises and concessions. In the category of similar white shades, it is by no means the coldest and most severe since the gray undertone is used at a minimal level. However, one cannot fail to notice its ability to convey freshness and a slight unclearness in the environment, similar to what we would feel if we were standing by a source of water on an early foggy morning that promises a clear sunny day.

How does lighting affect White Mist?

Dulux’s cool white was originally conceived as a color capable of creating a clean, subtle background in south-facing rooms, as well as in rooms dominated by warm artificial lighting. Neutral white in such a situation can look too dazzling and warm – unnecessarily show off creamy and yellowish undertones and seem a little faded and old-fashioned. White Mist is completely devoid of both these properties and offers a flawless yet comfortable whiteness for the eyes in these conditions.

At the same time, one cannot fail to note its ability to reveal a grayish undertone in conditions of restrained or insufficient lighting. However, this can even be considered a benefit from the Dulux color, as it creates a relaxing and slightly mysterious mood.

White Mist LRV

Being a shade of white, White Mist has an excellent coefficient of light reflectance LRV with a value of 82. This directly indicates that this color is on the verge between off-white and white, reflecting a sufficient amount of light and making the room brighter and more spacious. However, it should be noted that it is not devoid of a slight haze effect, which is especially noticeable at dusk or in low light.

Due to the well-visible gray undertone, White Mist looks scattered and smoky but, at the same time, does not completely disappear into gray. Such a balance offers White Mist the subtle minimalist mood that made it so popular.

White Mist undertones

The only undertone you can see in Dulux’s cool white is a neutral and light gray. And that is all. Indeed, this color was created as pure as possible, although with the ability to bring a certain amount of coolness. That is why designers and color experts from Dulux have worked intensively to remove any other undertone from White Mist.

Similar colors

If you are not that familiar with neutral whites, then this color may seem truly unique to you. However, we have good news for you: there are pretty many shades similar to White Mist, including the palettes and catalogs of other major paint manufacturers. They may be slightly lighter or darker, but their calmness and meditativeness remain in perfect balance. Here are some very intriguing examples:

  • Rock Salt – calm and even white with a light gray undertone, which is better to be used in southwest-faced rooms;
  • Metal White – a slightly darker white color with a sophisticated and expressive silver undertone;
  • Casper White Quarter SW1H4 by Dulux Australia – a slightly lighter and cooler shade of go-to white with played-down yellow-gray traces;
  • Celestial Glow PWN-36 by Behr – an almost complete analog of White Mist, which coincides with it both in terms of gray tint intensity and light reflectance;
  • Polar Bear 75 by Behr – very clean and cool white with slightly higher LRV and lower gray undertones;
  • Decorator’s White CC-20 by Benjamin Moore – the perfect classic white with a subtle cool undertone that creates a harmonious ambiance in any living space;
  • Misty Gray 2124-60 by Benjamin Moore – despite the name, it belongs to the same group of cool whites with gray notes;
  • Blanc de Blanc 11-4800 TPG by Pantone – another charming and almost complete analog of the paint shade from Dulux in case it is not in stores;
  • Pure White SW 7005 by Sherwin Williams – airy and cool white with a less noticeable, almost subtle gray undertone.

Coordinating colors

Cool and neutral, White Mist proves itself as a wonderful partner for equally neutral and cool shades, while at the same time does not mind pairing with something sophisticated and dark, calm and warm, or invigorating and bright. The livable feature allows it to be used in both modern and classic interior palettes. Take a closer look at the shades offered by Dulux experts – perhaps among them, there is exactly the one that will suit your liking:

  • Buttermilk – a very warm creamy beige shade, soft and natural;
  • Citrus Zing – intense, juicy, and cheerful lemon yellow color, which in combination with White Mist becomes especially mouth-watering;
  • Pebble Shore – balanced, soft and light gray, neutral and at the same time mesmerizing;
  • Calming Meadow – a soothing shade of gray that seems quite warm due to its pronounced brown undertones;
  • Heather Climb – an inspiring and natural dark purple shade that can create sophisticated, magnetic accents;
  • Pretty Pink – an adorable light pink that seems particularly sophisticated thanks to the presence of cool lilac tones.

Use of White Mist in interior

As we said above, White Mist is a great way to achieve pure white in rooms with certain lighting. However, this does not imply sterility and absolute neutrality since it also has individuality, which can be fully manifested in certain conditions. Let’s see how it works in practice by discovering some of the ideas for using this cool white shade in different interiors.

The perfect embodiment of Scandi

White Mist and the trendy Scandinavian style are like the two halves of one whole that found each other. The cool, slightly meditative, and grayish-white perfectly conveys the atmosphere of the nature of Northern Europe, which is not too generous with sunlight.

Usually, we do not strongly recommend anything, but we will change our rules this time: we do not just suggest; we strongly recommend choosing this wonderful shade from Dulux if you want to achieve an authentic interior. Only this shade is capable of creating the most harmonious background for simple, slightly rough wooden furniture, warm wooden floors, ethnic ornaments on textiles, and modern black accents.

Japanese style: conquering with authenticity

This trend in design offers us a home environment in which to experience Zen to the fullest – and we do not think that it is worth giving up on such a possibility. Creating the appropriate mood is as easy as shelling peas, especially if you choose White Mist as the background. Its gray undertone and light haze effect will provide that very cool restraint and natural serenity that is so highly appreciated in Japanese interiors.

Much the same can be said for the selection of this cool white shade for the newly emerging Japandi style. The harmonious yet surprising mix of Scandi and Japanese favors White Mist as much as they do both separately.

Don’t be afraid of brightness

If you are a little tired of restrained and neutral palettes, then no one and nothing can stop you from adding more colors to your interior. And if you use White Mist as your background shade, then you definitely won’t make any mistake: it is discreet enough to show its undertones in an inappropriate situation and at the same time quite fresh to set off your chosen color spots.

Whether it’s an azure sofa or heather upholstered chairs, a lemon rug or a flirty pink accent wall, a minty chest of drawers, or sage curtains, White Mist will help you reveal your favorite shades in the most favorable light.


Would the cool white from Dulux be too cool for a relaxing room? We can answer without doubts: of course not, especially if your bedroom windows face the sunny side. With White Mist, you can easily create a soothing and pacifying atmosphere and fill it with a pleasant and relaxing coolness. If it suddenly seems excessive to you, you can always soften it with warm accents and textured textiles.


Let’s make it clear right away: White Mist is a real find for the bathroom. In this case, we mean its ability to act as an ideal base shade, which combines with almost everything – tiles imitating concrete and marble, porcelain stoneware replicating natural wood, colored “hexagon” tiles, chrome and brass hardware, wood and glossy furniture, and even brightly colored towels. All in all, you can view it as an absolutely universal solution, suitable for both traditional and trendy minimalist bathrooms.


Choosing this color for kitchen cabinets is a bold decision since they require a perfectly harmonious background. However, you can opt for an additional color from those suggested by the Dulux designers in the palette that we talked about above. However, we came up with an easier solution: choose White Mist as the background. In this case, you will be able to consider any color for your cabinets: a cool white wall will make it even more expressive.

Use of White Mist for house exterior

There is hardly a better way to use White Mist than painting the walls of your home, especially if you live in an area that is constantly bathed by sun rays. Thanks to this unique paint from Dulux, your home will always look exquisite, clean, and fresh – and if you choose a bright-colored roof and a similarly colored door, your house will seem as out of a book with fairy tales.

Designers also suggest its use for decorative elements. Cornices, window frames, and columns in White Mist will look especially harmonious against cool grays, greens, and light brown tones.

Dulux’s White Mist paint color offers us a new perspective on the ambiguous nature of white shades, which helps us learn how to use them correctly in the interior. If you have dreamed of trying cool white when designing your house for a long time, we suggest you give it a try: thanks to its light and delicate undertone, it will offer you enough room for any maneuvers in the interior.

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