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Angled kitchen island ideas

Angled kitchen island

The angled kitchen island will perfectly fit into the room’s design, decorated in almost any modern style. Like the usual one, the angled kitchen island is a continuation of the kitchen's design and other living premises of the house. If the kitchen is made and decorated in the modern style, then the angled island will match it in design. Angled kitchen islands are often found in high-tech rooms. The island’s finishing may overlap the same materials used in the finishing of the rest of the kitchen furniture, and some previously unused accent materials may also appear. For example, the countertop materials’ shade can be exactly like all other furniture or be several shades darker, more saturated. The angled kitchen island is considered a more compact option for placing people at the table, saving more free space. As in the usual one, you can make sections for storing tableware, any kitchen accessories, or cooking equipment in the corner. You can build into the kitchen island:
  • fridge;
  • freezer;
  • faucet and sink;
  • wine storage cabinet;
  • cupboard for storing tableware.
The island allows you to divide the kitchen space into specific zones and delimit the kitchen’s living room area. If you use an angled kitchen island as a table for a joint meal of households, then it will turn out to be more spacious than a straight one, it will be possible to seat more people. For the kitchen island not to crush with a monolithic view, part of it can be made through, like a regular table, or you can raise the tabletop and use barstools instead of ordinary ones. Multilevel angled kitchen islands allow everyone to choose the optimal table height for themselves, eat, or participate in its preparation comfortably.