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Bachelor bedroom design ideas

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Whether you prefer dark wall colors such as black, industrial motifs with metal and wood elements, or perhaps you like bright colors, our selection of great solutions for men's bedroom designs.

Pay attention to the furniture, wall paintings, carpets, and decor in each room. This will help you in creating a real bachelor bedroom that will bear the imprint of individuality.

High headboard

A high headboard can be a great way to add a sense of height to a room. This headboard type has built-in spotlights that make reading at night a pleasure.

To reproduce this headboard, consider using plywood sheets knocked down horizontally with nails. You can wrap the plywood in a dark cloth. Use contact adhesive to hold the fabric and create a seamless feel. The headboard is attached to the wall with a nailer so that there is space between them, which will allow you to lay wires for overhead lighting.

Special flooring

The choice of flooring can be the hallmark of an entire room. For example, a gray and black themed bachelor bedroom starts with a sizeable black floor tile with crisp white grout lines.

While the tiles are undoubtedly dark, they do reflect the natural light from the window back into the room really well. White accents in the room blend beautifully with grout lines, and sheer is a great choice. It perfectly frames the window without absorbing too much precious light like curtains or drapes. While bedroom lighting can be a personal choice, it adds more brightness to space.

Podium bed

Podium beds can be very functional and, at the same time, cozy and attractive in appearance. The platform is a kind of niche with shelves for storing books and documents.

The concrete walls of the bedroom should not be cold and repulsive. To soften the general background a little, use a concrete dye, drape walls with fabrics, wood paneling, place decorative elements, or install a bed with a soft headboard.

Add a writing desk

If you are the type of man who needs to organize a workspace in the bedroom, the following design may suit you. Place a small desk in the room where you can work. At the same time, the bedroom will not lose the function of a recreation area.

Don't be afraid to use custom wall art or paintings to highlight your personality. You can hang blueprints and diagrams of your favorite engineering wonders on the wall. Choose frames that match the theme of your bachelor room and hang them over your desk.

Dark colors and dim lighting

Dark colors and dim lighting can make a big difference in creating a relaxing masculine bedroom. Daylight comes in through a large window opposite the bed’s foot, so the bedside table lights shouldn't be too bright.

To embody the idea of such a bedroom, choose a palette consisting of gray tones. The ceiling and walls are painted in matte paint in the same colors, which creates the feeling of a larger space than it is. By choosing wood paneling for the wall behind the headboard, you will create an accent that will set off the bedroom’s overall monochrome look.

Minimalist design

If you are the type of guy who prefers minimalism in the interior, consider this bachelor bedroom design. The combination of a bed, bedside tables, shelving, and picture frames is an easy way to add some chic to your room without cluttering the space.

If the room feels too cold and empty, a thick textured bedside rug with a long pile will fix this by creating an exciting contrast in a room with smooth and flat surfaces.

Emphasis on a large window

Suppose there is a large window in the bedroom, the whole emphasis shifts to it. Hang a lot of photos or paintings on a nearby wall in any size frame. This will visually balance the window space. Try to keep your artwork under glass. This "mirror move" will add more light to the room.

Use a niche

Cast iron batteries, pipes, or other communications located behind the bed can be decorated under a completely functional niche.

The niche’s exterior is finished with dark stained hardwood plywood, making the layout look like a built-in bookshelf. The niche is suitable as a headboard for books or art. The dark colors chosen for the wood trim contrast beautifully with the white walls and are easy to pair with simple sheets and blankets.

Thin curtains

Large windows overlooking beautiful landscapes should not be covered with heavy window shades or drapes. Let your eyes rest while gazing out at the panoramic view. It can be the inspiration you need to get up in the morning alert and ready for action.

Thin linen curtains are a great option when you need privacy, so opt for a sheer set to frame a large window. It's also worth buying a premium curtain rod that matches your room's style and won't bend when you first open the curtains to welcome the new day.

Heavyweight double layer curtains do a great job of minimizing sunlight so you can get a good night's sleep. Make the rest of the room peaceful and relaxing by painting the walls in a calm gray. Vertical lighting fixtures located on the sides of the bed will add soft light.

Slate (writing) headboard

Scientists will love the cool slate board that has been redesigned into the headboard. This gives the room an interesting and unusual look and makes it possible to drop a few notes quickly. This board comes in handy when you wake up in the middle of the night with a great idea.

There are several ways to replicate this look. Schools often throw away old equipment at the end of the school year so that you can ask them for such a board. Or purchase a special paint to make your own blackboard. Use paint on furniture plywood cabinetry for best results. You can paint the wall if you like.

Industrial style

The industrial style will fit perfectly into the bachelor bedroom with high ceilings, brick walls, and other industrial elements of a factory aesthetic.

Add to this the angular bedside tables, characteristic artwork, and a simple bed with a padded headboard. The highlight of this decoration will be a high wooden lamp and a shaggy carpet that add variety to the polished concrete floor.

Bright accents

Not a big fan of black, gray, and white? Like to spice up your living space? Well, then this design is definitely for you.

While a room can be full of grays and blacks, the deep blue background in the panels behind the headboard will be a striking accent. You can enhance the blue color scheme by using pillows and floor rugs.