Black accent wall design ideas

The room’s decoration with a black accent wall will emphasize the design style and create a unique interior. The black wall is not only a tribute to trends but also an interesting design technique.

The visitor’s eyes are drawn to the most vivid, non-standard details, whether original lighting, ethnic furniture, or an accent wall. Unusual design in interior details attracts with its novelty, allows you to notice the difference between them and the general appearance, emphasizes and promotes some idea, has content, and interestingly demonstrates the variety of forms and materials.

Accents in interior design

The presence of artistically designed details in the room allows you to feel the room’s space and to see in contrast the order, simplicity, and style of decoration in the rest of the interior. The accent wall location’s visual effects are essential for compiling modern interiors and bold design solutions.

You can use your favorite accents in the interior of your home or office. An accent wall is always restraint and clarity of design, purity of lines, architectural completeness of the composition. It is no accident that the method of focusing the guests’ attention was known back in the Middle Ages. Today, designing one of the walls by an approach different from all the others’ design is more laconic. Although at the same time, in the accent wall area, you can place all the things that, in the opinion of the owner, can decorate the interior, can be of any value to others. For example, shelves with collections, with the necessary books, photos with your favorite views. Also, the accent wall can be combined in color with others or harmoniously contrast.

Purpose of the accent wall

Designers use the design of one of the walls differently from the others for different purposes. First of all, the presence of an accent wall will be important:

  • if necessary, visually expand the space of the room, create the illusion of increasing the area;
  • to focus attention on any interior details;
  • to emphasize the architectural features of the premises.

When an object of interest to many is present in the room, the accent wall can be designed in the direction of this object’s location; this technique is used when decorating expositions in museums and exhibition halls. You can use the free space at home to interest guests with some kind of presentation.

In the design of an accent wall, you can use not only an unexpected color but also the texture, material of the wallpaper, the texture of the wall covering. If you wish, you can decorate the wall not only by changing the color of the surface but also by choosing a suitable structure for the wallpaper. Imitation of brickwork, white stone can also look good on one of the walls of the room.

Colored accent walls are the most common design trick. The harmonious design allows you to create cozy rooms, decorate living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms.

Types of accent walls

A decoratively painted wall allows you to create a cozy area, provides a comfortable perception of various elements in the room: the background behind the fireplace, the darkened wall behind the TV screen, a calm tone in the study or the library. The color solutions used to create the accent wall are selected following the stylistic theme or according to the rules for decorating the room, taking into account the play of light.

The accent wall types can be completely different; it depends on the room owner’s idea: patterned, dark, or light, depending on the situation. If twilight is pleasant to you, if there is a need for shading of the room, you can try painting one wall black. If daylight falls on a black background, a unique play of light and shadow is created, which will be pretty interesting to watch during the day. The presence of a contrastingly decorated wall will add brightness, solidity to the visual sensations.

Accent wall locations

The accent wall is not always placed opposite the room entrance, but this type of design is quite common. The placement of the accent often falls on the wall opposite the seating areas in the room. As a rule, a wall with a window is not decorated in a contrasting manner, and it is also quite rare that attention-grabbing elements are placed on it. The presence of a window is enough to refresh the view of this wall of the room. A wall decorated in one bright color is often located in the back of the room; dark shades look advantageous and stylish in narrow rooms.

The advantages of decorating a wall in black

Among the dark shades, you can highlight the most saturated ones. Guests, for its originality, will remember a living room or a bathroom decorated with such a wall. Black darkens, softens, allows you to focus. Often people ask designers to use a black background, claiming that it helps them to relax. The following shades of black can enrich your home interior:

  • anthracite black – an excellent base for complementing it with pure white things or items in pastel colors;
  • dark gray and black add dignity to every room, suitable for everyday life in any style;
  • glossy charcoal black;
  • graphite black goes well with ornamental warm images, floral patterns in pastel colors;
  • matte black will look uncommon, both in the bathroom and in the living room or bedroom.

The paint’s texture can play a decisive role in the decoration of the wall. You can deliberately combine gloss and matte base. When playing with light, such a design will look original and create an exciting volume for the composition. Any works of art, art objects, floor compositions, and sculptures will look good on a dark background.

Black accent wall in the living room

By placing an accent wall in the living room, you can significantly stylize your home’s interior and add brightness to the entire interior composition. As a rule, the presence of one colored or textured wall provides a feeling of greater comfort. In many ways, the sense of contemplating an accent wall depends on what kind of geometry the room has. If you decorate the wall opposite the entrance in black, then a feeling of rather strict order will appear. Moreover, if the wall is narrow, the ceiling will visually appear higher. The harmony of perception will largely depend on the geometry of the living room. A sofa or armchairs along a black wall will look good if you combine their shade with other interior elements.

A black accent wall you can also:

  • equip with different lighting;
  • add bright decorative elements;
  • shade with furniture of the desired shade.

Against the wall’s background, you can effectively arrange colorful ethnic collections, a selection of photographic materials. A room with a black accent wall should be well lit both in the daytime and in the evening unless the owner intends to arrange a twilight zone. If you need good lighting of the space, you should think about artificial lighting with additional power. You can provide additional artificial lighting with small lamps and sconces or placing floor lamps along the accent wall.

Black accent wall in the bedroom

The presence of a black accent wall in the bedroom allows you to distract from the brightness of the colorful design, add darkness to the room, and give rest to your eyes. Visually lengthening the room, a black spot can favorably emphasize the architecture in a private house with a modern design.

If there are architectural features in the room, you should think about which of the walls will look more attractive.

If you have a multi-level false ceiling in your bedroom, an attractive solution would be to paint the wall farthest from the entrance with black. The stylish and cozy look of such a bedroom disposes to rest, helps to forget the daily worries. You will always have the opportunity to relax in a room with a black wall. You can decorate the wall behind the bed with an accent; this is the most common technique. A black background can serve as a place to place pictures. If a dim light is realized in the room, the black wall will serve as an excellent place for their placement, neutrally emphasizing the exposition’s beauty.

Black accent wall in the bathroom

You can effectively combine the black accent wall in the bathroom with other shades of decoration of the room. When decorating, for example, you can make a mosaic floor in black or take as basis brickwork on three walls, and decorate one in black, contrasting the color and texture of the wall. A common technique for placing white bathroom furniture on a black background will be appropriate if there is enough light in the room. Even in a small space, zoning, the distribution of functional areas, and the correct lighting solution are essential. Light bathroom interior items will lighten the deep dark background, decorate the interior with a rich contrasting combination.

If the bathroom is too small, you can save the situation by painting part of the side surface. A black wall illuminated from a nearby window will look almost relatively light, and you can also shade it by placing stylish lamps on the wall. Rich, luscious blacks will be effectively set off with color details. You can use a ruby or amber shade for your fixtures, for example, positioning them on top or symmetrically on the eyes’ line.

Combination of interior items with a black accent wall

If you decorate a large space with a rich black, then a dark shade may negatively affect the interior’s overall appearance in a small room.

For a comfortable perception of such a design, design experts recommend installing light-colored upholstered furniture, making an equally original floor covering. For example, you can put light tiles, put a more airy glass table, which will be an additional reflector.

Lighting also plays a vital role in decorating the bedroom, although people assume rest to darkness. Curtains and bedspreads in the bedroom will look good if their shade is lighter than the wall. Modern plots with animal prints will enrich the interior and cheer up. The absence of negative stress will create an unforgettable intimate feeling. To relax in such a bedroom, you need to provide lighting at several levels.

Some design styles exclude entirely the use of black, especially the French country style. Delicate pastel shades can hardly harmonize well with an accent wall in black. The rest of the styles can be effectively shaded by decorating one of the anthracite or graphite black surfaces.

Lovely little things – bouquets, paintings, floor or table vases with flowers, with dry bouquets, will help you play with lighting and accent wall.

Loft, minimalism, hi-tech, Scandinavian styles can perfectly fit into a room containing a black accent wall. The proximity of white, steel, and black colors makes it easy to select high-tech furniture items. The design of such a room will look more fashionable and advantageous.

In a room with such a wall, the overall concept and noble shades of other surfaces and furniture are fundamental. It is the well-developed full-color scheme that will save the room from the appearance of dissonance in the design. Complex combinations of design shades must be carefully calculated, first creating a layout of the room.