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Bohemian bathroom design

Bohemian-style bathroom

A special non-triviality of ideas distinguishes a bathroom decorated in a bohemian style. Designers use specific rules and artistic patterns of space design for exciting solutions to be consistent and acquire harmony. The attributes that are combined when creating a bohemian-style interior can differ in many ways, be contrasting in color and heterogeneous in structure. At the same time, the bohemian style does not overlap with eclecticism. It has clear signs.

Finishing materials in a bohemian style bathroom

In a modern bohemian bathroom, surface finishes can be either dark or light. In the interior it is not used as a few years ago, bright and flashy shades; there is only a subtle hint of the Bohemian component. Bohemian-style bathroom walls can be made of oriental mosaics, porcelain stoneware and have a structured surface. The floor surface can have ornamental decorations, both small and large two-color patterns in calm tones. Most often, shades of green, shabby blue, orange, brown are used for flooring. For visual balance and the basic design, several types of decor are used using the same shades.

Bohemian style features

With just a few accents, the designer can indicate that the interior belongs to the Bohemian style. The complete absence of symmetry prevents chaos in the arrangement of furniture and the placement of decorative elements. Moreover, the bohemian-style bathroom will not lose its conceptuality if the furniture is put differently. Distinctive features of Bohemian-style furniture elements are the absence of modern closing mechanisms, elegant but straightforward pretentious fittings and hardware, decorative vine items can be used. Since many decorative pieces will look chaotic, walls are decorated in light colors. Bohemian style can be combined with vintage or eco-friendly styles. A soft transition is possible thanks to the use of monochrome decors, monochromatic furniture. The small number of colors in the design of the Bohemian-style bathroom somewhat simplifies the task of harmonizing the overall appearance of the interior. The presence of vintage textiles, old household items, live greenery in hanging pots also testifies the Bohemian style. A sufficient amount of free space in the Bohemian-style bathroom predetermines the free layout of furniture.

Bohemian bathroom colors

When using white in the interior, original bright shades, for example, turquoise or aqua, often become companions; you can also focus on the pastel pink wall or gilded wall panels. Such combinations are complemented by arched mirrors, sophistry elements, and fusion-style decor accessories.

Bohemian bathroom decorating ideas

It will not be surprising to see a fireplace, massive wall panels, a free-standing bathtub, and other interior elements in a Bohemian bathroom. The ceiling lamp can be made in the form of a chandelier, and this is also a sign of a bohemian interior, or it can have a somewhat vintage look. The bohemian style allows for objects made from natural materials, their natural colors, and texture. Modern minimalism does not exclude the presence of expensive and chic details, and the bathtub may well be decorated with stylish lion paws. Plumbing can also be stylistically maintained. Non-standard design should be combined with the selection of decorating accessories following refined taste. Therefore, when planning an interior, it is worth taking a minimum of elements and continuing the design in a given style.