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Extended kitchen island countertop ideas

Extended kitchen island countertop

Kitchen islands are bright, irreplaceable places for cooking, eating, and communicating with loved ones. As with the design of many other elements, the design of the island is of great importance. It is on it that the attention of the person entering the kitchen is focused, and it is here that everyone who is in the kitchen should be exceptionally comfortable. Small or large, with the extended countertop or not, the kitchen island should be ergonomic, not take up all the available space, but give enough room for people sitting at the table. The kitchen island is:
  • a stylish, fashionable solution in the design of a house or apartment;
  • a cozy place that meets the preferences of all family members;
  • combined comfortable and functional table with storage space for kitchen utensils.
Typically, the kitchen island is combined with the rest of the furniture in style, is made of the same materials, has the same surface texture and color. The island can be pretty functional: on open or closed shelves with transparent doors, you can store tableware, baby accessories and place flowers. Very often, kitchen appliances are also tucked away in the niches reserved for them on the kitchen island. The kitchen island countertop can be located separately or adjacent to the kitchen countertop. Especially stylish and functional is the kitchen island with an extended countertop.