Grey and gold curtains ideas

Gold and grey curtains

Gold-grey curtains with white sheer will decorate a bedroom, study, or living room, gently set off a light wall. Two-layer curtains will look exciting and modern, fixed with the gold fabric turned to the foreground. A similar original technique is often used in the design of modern decorative products. Gray and gold curtains can be in harmony with interior design in contemporary, neoclassical, art nouveau, baroque styles.

You should think about equipping the room with curtains with a large geometric pattern in the presence of plain gray walls and the same furniture of a dense light gray color. A beautifully iridescent gold pattern with simple repeating motifs will delight the eye and emphasize the existing decor items’ originality. Curtains with silver or gold threads will also look stylish and neat as if ordering the space around them.

As a rule, if there are golden motifs in the drawing of curtains, then the rest of the room design should also contain gold patterns: gilded household items, embroidered textiles, a picture frame, or a fireplace.

Both gold to dark gray and gold to light gray will look beautiful; these noble colors, together with white, perfectly complement each other.