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Hidden refrigerator ideas

Hidden refrigerator

With the appropriate furnishing of the kitchen, the built-in refrigerator will be an exciting and successful solution. The covering on the hidden refrigerator door looks identical to the adjacent furniture. When placing, it is calculated whether the fridge and possibly a freezer will be located next to other built-in objects, for example, next to:
  • with a cabinet;
  • with wine cabinet;
  • with a dishwasher or other kitchen appliances.

Built-in fridge ideas

If the refrigerator is located at the very edge of the furniture row, it, like the entire facade, is closed with a false panel on the side. The exterior, front, and associated fittings usually look perfect. The modern hidden refrigerator will organically fit into the kitchen, decorated in the industrial, minimalist, modern, hi-tech style. The facade design variability allows you to harmoniously arrange any refrigerator and freezer model, place them higher or lower, and arrange a one- or two-door refrigerated cabinet. When decorating a kitchen in a vintage or French country style, you will have to hide the refrigerator to preserve the integrity of the created image of the kitchen. A small fridge and freezer can be hidden not only into a closet but also under the countertop of a kitchen island, and a compact built-in refrigerator can be placed in the same cell with another appliance, for example, together with a wine cooler. Ergonomic placement of appliances will save free space in the kitchen. The versatility of the method of using built-in models will allow, if necessary, to place a small single-chamber model for storing the essential products at hand, or, on the contrary, to effectively disguise a large refrigerator that contains food supplies for a big family.