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Light pink bedroom design ideas

Light pink bedroom

A bedroom in light pink tones creates an unsurpassed feeling of tenderness and comfort, and it will be an excellent place for a girl or a young couple to relax. When decorating a bedroom in light pink tones, you need to consider the allotted space’s architectural features. For example, if the room’s ceilings are high, original lamps with elongated decorative fragments can be placed; a beautiful multi-tiered chandelier can be placed in the bedroom for older people. A light pink bedroom will be filled with light if you add spotlights or several additional light sources to the main artificial lighting. In any case, this room will make full use of the play of day and evening lighting. In the bedroom, you can place a large mirror, volumetric curtains in white, beige, or pale pink, which allow you to adjust the degree of insolation of the room during the daytime.

Light pink bedroom decor

The decor that will nicely complement the room’s interior can also be matched to the main elements: light pink textiles, a delicate carpet with a high pile, lamps, decorative toys, vases, figurines, ornamental details, household items to match the interior. A special tender feeling can be felt if decorative pillows or ottomans are comfortably placed in the bedroom, neatly made, corresponding in color and intensity of coloring to other elements of the bedroom. Light pink is harmoniously combined with beige, sand, with shades of oak, light gray, or intense gray. You can beautifully insert three colors in the bedroom design, combining them in color intensity: pastel pink, gray and white. You can also use not frosty white but ivory and coffee. To decorate the floor, you can choose hardwood flooring in dim shades, a light wood flooring, and additionally use a rug to match other items in the bedroom.