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Mustard yellow kitchen cabinets ideas

Mustard yellow is one of the most successful solutions for kitchen decoration. So that the interior does not seem annoying and intrusive, you need to place accents correctly. Interior designers claim that mustard yellow is a versatile color. It goes well with both bright shades and base tones. The easiest and most fun way to add accents in the kitchen is to choose a mustard yellow cabinet. There are several options for its design:
  • only the bottom row of cabinets. This is a great option for a small kitchen and a headset with a system of open-top shelves. It is not necessary to buy a new wardrobe: you can independently repaint the existing headset in a suitable shade;
  • a completely mustard yellow headset is the most daring decision. In this case, the shape of the facade should be minimalistic - without any decor. It would help if you chose a stone or wood countertop to match the headset;
  • a combination of different top and bottom shades - a technique suitable for an interior with a bright range. For example, the upper cabinets are made in contrasting colors, while the lower ones are in primary shades. This technique helps to fit a built-in refrigerator into the interior;
  • emphasis on the island - suitable for a spacious kitchen. Designers mainly use this technique;
  • a dining set is an option for those who are not ready for a daring interior but want to add an accent to the kitchen. For example, lemon or mustard chairs. In this case, the shade does not have to be duplicated in textiles or other decor. A bright spot without support is a new design trend.
To prevent the interior from looking old-fashioned, you should not choose glossy materials in mustard yellow shades and bright cabinets with drawings but only matt and solid color.