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Pastel pink bedroom design ideas

Pastel pink bedroom

The bedroom’s delicate interior, made with the participation of pastel pink tones, will not leave its owner indifferent, and will always delight with an abundance of light and comfort. When using pastel pink shades in the color of walls, furniture, floor, and household items do not have to be the same shade; you can choose white, beige, or even gray options, but preferably the same color intensity as the walls. An attractive solution in the room can be an accent wall with a decorative textured covering with artistic design. For example, to plain gray walls, you can add an accent on one wall in the form of a large pattern with a plant theme, in the form of an image of discreet brickwork. As an accent, you can also use a painting, mirrors, photographs, a series of sketches with the depicted floristry. The pastel pink shade in the bedroom design is perfect for interior decoration in ethnic or Scandinavian styles; here, in addition to wallpaper, you can use accessories of the appropriate color scheme. It is interesting to complete the interior of a children's bedroom, consider the play of light and shadow, reflect various subjects, use an accent wall, additional lighting, decorative elements, and toys to create harmony and completeness of the room's perception.