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Pink and gray bathroom ideas

Pink and gray bathroom

A pastel pink shade in a bathroom design combined with white, gray, or light marble finishing, always gives a feeling of elegance and sophistication. Both in the classic version and in the modern style or in minimalist design trends, when using shades of gray of different intensities and adding tones of soft pink will revitalize the overall look. Even a few decorative elements in pink shades will be enough to accentuate attention, to create a feeling of warmth and coziness, for example, such as:
  • stylish sinks in a pale pink hue and, also, lamps of the same color;
  • decorative furniture;
  • textiles and flowers for decoration.
Mosaic tiles, stone finishes, or any pronounced texture of accent pink walls in the bathroom can go well with modern furniture. An inhomogeneous coating looks more attractive, for example, an insert of a fragment of hexagonal tiles to match the overall design, a marble-like floor or with a volumetric ornament, a 3D pattern in combination with a soft pink background. The degree of illumination of the room is of great importance. In the absence of natural light and additional lamps, a good solution would be to place one or more large mirrors.