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Pink and gray living room ideas

Pink and gray living room design

A pleasant visual effect arises from the combination of gray and pink in the living room’s design. If taken separately, these shades may seem intrusive, then in combination, these colors look beautiful, enrich and complement each other. The combination of pink and gray when choosing the colors for a living room can help solve many issues, for example:
  • visually expand the space, add depth to the room, placing a more saturated gray color in the narrow part;
  • make the accent wall dark gray or pink using your favorite shades to highlight a specific area;
  • add light with the help of subtle interior shades, mirrors, and additional lighting sources.
In the palette of gray and pink, there are many fashionable, trendy shades that many people love. For the living room in the modern style, pink shades of curtains of the color of dusty pink or pink-peach are often chosen. These are pretty bright accents; in addition to them, several decorative trifles are needed, for example, textiles, a vase of flowers, an original carpet. An original solution for a pink and gray living room will be an appeal to ethnic design motives and large ornamental patterns. It will look spectacular in the design in which the pattern of textiles or curtains will be repeated in the wall decoration, in the floor carpet’s design, in the living room’s fabrics. For example, if an accent rug contains light gray and dark gray geometrically arranged lines, you can use the same shades of gray to design other objects in the room and pick things with similar decor. Also, if the carpet contains catchy shades, bright and precise lines, then some objects of this color should be present in the room setting. So, you can harmoniously add picture frames, furniture fittings, tabletop, or fireplace surround to the carpet’s black or luscious gold lines.

Pink and gray living room style

Quite simply, you can create coziness in the living room, conceived in the Scandinavian style. In the design of such a room, you can use non-colored gray and pink decor with ornaments or small patterns. The feeling of lightness literally hovers in the air of such a living room, and you can diversify the atmosphere by choosing a modern armchair and an ottoman with an original design to match other items.

Pink and gray living room decor

When planning the interior, it should be borne in mind that for the room to look airy, stylish, become a favorite for the owners, and unforgettable for guests, it should not contain unnecessary things that contradict the situation. A noble pink shade can significantly affect the interior’s perception, make it definitely young, using bright shades, ultra-fashionable solutions in the selection of furniture, and the ceiling design. Modular furniture, the presence of stylishly painted flooring, the violation of strict ordering, a variety of details give a feeling of freedom in the choice of colors and models. With the dominance of pink in combination with gray, tenderness, peace, and emotional balance, you will feel more the desire for grace and harmony. With a clear predominance of gray over pink, more comfort and elegance will be seen in the interior. The combination of gray and pink in daylight can be an excellent basis for which stylish candlesticks, sconces, ceiling lamps with artificial lighting, warm or cold, depending on the warmth of the colors used in the design of the room, will be needed in the evening for additional lighting.