Pink and gray room ideas

Pink and gray room design

A children’s room or a bedroom for adults will always look advantageous and modern with the presence of a gray or pink tint in the interior. Among the most commonly used shades of gray, there are some fascinating ones:

  • asphalt;
  • graphite;
  • ashen;
  • anthracite;
  • pearlescent gray.

For the listed shades, you can choose a sensual pink color, which will help combine two shades into one whole and make an interior suitable for the most pretentious owners.

A rich gray color can be considered a non-standard solution in designing a room’s space, but in modern houses, this is a well-known and rejuvenating technique – the use of gray.

Grey and pink room decor

Chromatic shades of gray can add a significant variety to the design of a room, and it is these tones that are most interesting to combine with pink. For example, gray curtains cast in lilac will be uniquely original. In combination with bright pink, the chromatic shades of gray will make an unforgettable and pleasant impression.

An intense gray background of the walls is appropriate if the room has good insulation. Delicate pastel shades of pink decor will harmoniously soften the rich gray shade. Carpets, wall panels, floor vases will be a lovely addition to a cozy atmosphere.