Pink gray and white bedroom ideas

Pink gray and white bedroom design

In a modern bedroom in white and pink tones with the addition of gray, a monochromatic gray wall, a wall with fragmentary gray and white staining, a combination of walls of different colors, provided that gentle tones of each color can be used. Many decor options are suitable to complement the bedroom:

  • eclectic lamps;
  • stylized furniture;
  • textiles in pastel colors;
  • separate bright, catchy elements, for example, burgundy or brown.

Soft shades correspond to the forms’ softness; you can decorate the bedroom with furniture with smooth outlines. The style of these forms fits the design of classic and French country furniture.

The headboard decoration for both adults and children can play an accent note. A tall pastel pink shabby plush headboard, pink silk pillows, a pink painting – all this can be perfectly combined with other elements of white and gray colors.

Grey pink and white bedroom decor

You can add wall decor to the elegant pale pink details, combining different colors, matching the color scheme to the entire interior. Decorative curtains and bedroom textiles will give the interior a finished look. Also, the room’s appearance is significantly influenced by the presence of stylish lamps: volumetric decorative sources of additional lighting can differ in color and have gilded decorative elements.