Purple bathroom design ideas

Purple bathroom ideas

A wide range of shades of purple is successfully applied in modern bathroom design. Pale lilac shades radiate calmness, saturated violet – a flow of energy, lovers of exotic space design will love experiments with shades of purple. The shades of purple make the bathroom appear more voluminous. Warm floral motifs used in the design of an accent rug, bathtub, or decorative wall panels allow you to relax your eyes, captivate, and soothe.

Among the purple accent pieces, one can single out those that are closer to red in tone: such things warm, enliven the cold interior with their presence, balance, creating visual comfort. On the contrary, the colors of violet, close to blue, can cool warm tones and go well with gray, white, and even blue. The combination of rich gray with a lilac hue looks interesting, for example, when decorating the walls of a bathroom. A chic composition full of balanced shades can also be used in flooring.

White vintage furniture, elements of neoclassical style, art nouveau design will look exquisite on a purple background. An exciting and unexpected solution can be to use a combination of pale purple tiles and black tiles. Such bright compositions should be carefully thought out in the concept of your own bathroom space before realizing your favorite idea.

A bathroom with glossy surfaces requires less light than matte surfaces. This must be taken into account when choosing possible lighting for a bathroom with purple decor.