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Short bay window curtains ideas

Short bay window curtains

A short and elegant curtain is the perfect solution for a bay window. It makes the room not only more unusual but also much brighter. The most important thing here is to insert it profitably to make the room as comfortable and practical as possible. It is essential to take into account all the interior features to choose curtains for a small room with a bay window As for prints, on an overly wide bay window, it is better not to use curtains with a bright and large pattern, since they will attract all attention and distract the eye from the interior itself.

Short curtains in a kitchen with a bay window

A kitchen with a bay window is a real gem that can be decorated in any way you like. Such an interior will always look unusual and beautiful. It is important to choose the right short curtains, which will, first of all, help to preserve the functionality of this room.