Tiled window sill ideas

Tiled window sill

A window with an artistically decorated window sill has a fresh, unusual look and strikes with novelty. The soft lines of the edge of the window sill, made of natural granite or marble, will serve as an aesthetic addition to the kitchen or office window. The tiles imitating natural stone retain natural shades, allowing you to convey the structure of the material. Among the advantages of tiled window sills, it is worth noting such qualities as:

  • hygiene;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • artistic value of the product.

Tiled window sill ideas

Tiles imitating marble is the most suitable solution. It goes well with the most varied shades of room furnishings. A ground surface or a polished finish creates a pleasant-to-touch surface. Sufficiently wide window sills with a dense structure will emphasize the luxurious atmosphere of the living space and help place accents on individual interior details.

A white window with a natural decor of noble marble looks elegant and aesthetically pleasing and will match an interior decorated in neutral colors.

The high strength values of tiles and the fantastic natural design used to produce window sills make such products the best options for decorating modern premium houses’ windows.