Victorian style bathroom design ideas

Victorian bathroom design

A Victorian bathroom has to match decorating trends, furnishings, flooring designs, and overall furnishings to the style canons.

Looks great with a light window or a large stained glass window; this is one of the main elements accentuated in a Queen Victoria era bathroom. The freshness and airiness of space prevail here over all other sensations. In the bathroom, as well as in different rooms, you can use a massive mirror in an ornate frame, paintings, other artistic details, candlesticks, or flowerpots.

Bathroom furniture in the Victorian style is not devoid of cute artistic excesses. It can have a floral pattern, a marine design theme, and a color that contrasts with the room’s overall design.

Victorian-style bathroom colors

A traditional combination of shades:

  • red and white, the presence of gilding in the decor of the furniture;
  • ivory and bronze;
  • olive-gray, light green, and white with reddish-brown furniture;
  • pastel pink with white and beige.

Victorian-style bathroom decor

Trying to complement the space of a modern Victorian-style bathroom with various decorative elements, it is worth looking for inspiration in the works of old masters, who skillfully selected both the materials for the design and the possibility of lighting the rooms, as well as the details of household items.

Often, when decorating the bathroom walls, the lower part is covered with wall panels that match the color and texture of the coating to the rest of the decor. Elegantly designed washable marble surfaces strikingly complement the ambiance. Many bathroom furnishings are freestanding, especially the bathtub itself. The bathtub is placed on a separate pedestal; often, the color of the bathtub is in contrast to the shades of the surrounding coating. Warm bath shades such as gold, mustard yellow, purple, red can complement the decor brightly and stylishly. The artistically designed bath legs can be made in the form of animal paws. To immerse yourself in a luxurious era, you should use vintage hardware, massive brass faucets, match their color and style.

A Victorian bathroom’s coziness is easier to create in a country home if there is enough free space, proximity to nature, and great lighting.