Victorian style bedroom design ideas

Victorian bedroom

In the design of a bedroom in the style of the Queen Victoria era, you can use the colors inherent in the early design options of that time, namely, accentuate dark furniture, decorate the window with heavy dense curtains of dark brown, chocolate tones, place a carpet with a wine, ruby or coral shade of the background.

The combination of light brown, beige-gray, light gold, olive shades in the bedroom decor against a light background of walls and floors will also enliven Victorian-style furnishings. Floral patterns and floral motifs add elegance to the design of the bedroom. Twisted forged items are used:

  • at the head of the bed;
  • in the design of the canopy;
  • in the decor of the chandelier and additional lighting fixtures.

Floral ornaments in the design of wallpapers and carpets add a feeling of lightness, airiness, delight the eye with the richness of the motifs used. Textured wallpaper with vertical stripes to match the style, with floristry or silk threads, will pleasantly set off the light bedroom furniture. A matte topcoat can also be used in modern furnishings.

Victorian-style bedroom furniture and decor

Solid, expensive materials were previously used for furnishing Victorian-style rooms, and these trends continue in modern decor. In the bedroom, in addition to a massive bed and other pieces of furniture, there can be a wide mirror in a massive frame, paintings in a heavy frame, a fireplace. With a tendency to minimalism, the pomp of the decor is somewhat removed. Laconicism is added, without removing the softness of objects’ shapes, excluding unnecessary decorative items, and leaving more free space. The combination of pastel pinks and light golds with matte white walls gives a pleasant effect of freshness to a Victorian bedroom.

You can decorate the bedroom ceiling with stucco or decorative panels with vintage elements that match the headboard decoration style, decor, or other items present in the bedroom. Expansive stained glass windows are accompanied by a set of functional curtains for sufficient insolation of the room in the daytime and isolation from sunlight in the early morning hours. The fabrics for decorating the bed in the Victorian bedroom – often satin, dense crack, golden plush, giving a flowing and soft outline to the entire setting.