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Victorian style kitchen ideas

Victorian-style kitchen design

The Victorian kitchen design is traditionally dominated by light, pastel shades from snow-white to ivory; there can also be shabby blue-gray, lavender, green with different color intensity options, and yellow. As a rule, attention must be drawn to the lighting fixture in the center of the kitchen. It is a large modern chandelier with candlestick-shaped lamps. An interesting idea can be a combination of artificial light from a ceiling lamp and table candlesticks. The most daring solution, which can be realized, for example, in a country house, would be to place real candles in a large candlestick attached to the ceiling, like an archaic chandelier. First of all, the Victorian-style presupposes the strength and solidity of all objects used in everyday life. The furniture elements made of natural wood are high-quality, decorated with large pieces of wood and carvings. Gloss and shine, the softness of forms accompany the whole furnishings. You can see the refined and expensive craftsmen’s work in furniture manufacturing in the Victorian style from any angle. The accessories and textiles used in the design of the kitchen also do not go beyond the style. The vintage design of the kitchen workspace is created with the help of specially selected stationary items: taps differ in large form and artistic decoration from modern standard ones; stucco molding on the ceiling, carving to decorate the corners of furniture, all this organically complements the overall look, creates integrity in the kitchen design.

Victorian kitchen decor and furniture

Dark-colored pieces of furniture can be present in Victorian kitchens’ design. For example, when using the modern style, individual elements can also be kept in the dark colors with the trend of minimalist design of the kitchen space. The quality of the materials used, which look contrasting against a light background, in this case, should also be impeccable. You can effectively use a dark countertop of warm brown-amber shades from expensive woods, stools, chairs of dark shades made in the Queen Victoria era’s style, and it will also look original. When decorating a kitchen, you can combine antique and modern objects, for example, adding rows of ceiling lamps to a chandelier with candles for practical purposes. Comfort and convenience should be maintained by using modern household items, which are also distinguished by a long service life and high-quality workmanship.