Victorian style living room design ideas

Victorian style living room design

The tremendous and varied decor of contemporary Victorian living rooms reflects a continuity of artistic preference. From generation to generation, the traditions of decorating a hall for receiving guests, rest, and household members’ communication are passed on. The motives that were used in design many decades ago are today arousing interest and respect.

Distinctive features of the interiors of the Victorian era, which have survived to this day, can be considered:

  • custom or arched windows;
  • luxurious curtains;
  • tiered chandeliers;
  • original design of the ceiling;
  • a lot of light and free space;
  • matched furniture of discreet shades, corresponding to the era.

At the same time, the fabrics from which the furniture and walls were upholstered had a pronounced structure, good quality, and were expensive. You can also place a grand piano or a library in the living room in addition to the fireplace. The tone of the floor must match the color of the walls and furniture. It is often hardwood flooring and parquet, but it can also be engineered wood flooring or laminate that imitates hardwood flooring structure.

The orderliness, rigor, and consistency in the design of the space, inherent in the Victorian style, is harmoniously combined with the presence of modern products that significantly increase the level of comfort and diversify life.

Victorian-style living room decor

The many-sided decor elements in the interior add coziness to the strict lines of the Victorian era. In the old days, eclecticism in living rooms’ design manifested itself due to the brought overseas gifts. This trend, which continues today, made it possible to naturally decorate the rich but somewhat monotonous interior of living rooms. Elegant carpets, also brought from distant lands several centuries ago, are also appropriate today in a Victorian living room.

Sculptures, works of painters, a fireplace, paintings, mirrors in our time effectively emphasize the richness, pretentiousness of the decoration of living rooms, fill free niches. Engaging, entertaining decorative interior items in the Victorian style arouse interest, make you contemplate and reflect, figuratively make up a portrait of their owners.

Victorian style with a tendency towards minimalism does not allow the presence of unnecessary, pretentiously decorated pompous details – large carved frames, brass finishes, artificial materials, an abundance of objects, and cheap excess. The true values of style are emphasized: orderliness, laconic beauty, and completeness of forms.