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Victorian style curtains ideas

The Victorian-style implies the use of exclusively high-quality, expensive materials. Therefore, the best fit for window decoration are:
  • Curtains of velvet, brocade, tapestry, satin, taffeta, and various combinations of these fabrics.
  • Curtains made of organza, veils, lace, fine cotton.
For an interior designed in Victorian style, the curtains are selected exclusively in vibrant "expensive" shades: wine and burgundy, blue, brown, purple, malachite, etc. If the room is decorated in pastel colors, you can choose textiles of almond, yellow, pink, pale turquoise, gold, or silver. Victorian curtains patterns and ornaments are flowers, birds and animals, simple geometry - rhombuses, stripes, plaid. When creating an interior in the spirit of the Victorian era, you can not be afraid of experiments. Still, a bold European style requires the perfect harmony of all elements in the room. Be attentive to every detail - from the color scheme's general direction to the decoration of window textiles.