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White cabinets with black hardware ideas

White cabinets with black hardware

The use of dark or black finishes is usually combined with other black decorative elements. It is quite possible to contrast white furniture to black hardware. Modern kitchen cabinets look stylish and elegant, accompanied by black hardware. As a rule, in the kitchen’s interior, attention is focused on the color of the countertop; the color of the refrigerator and other kitchen equipment can also be contrasting. The color of the flooring can be quite saturated, sometimes even of the same shade as the hardware. A harmonious combination is achieved by adding additional lamps and small household items, such as carpet and stools, combined with the black hardware and fittings. An original solution can be adding additional hooks for towels and various kitchen utensils on the white cabinet doors; this is a functional, helpful revision. Such an addition will look stylish and add ergonomics to the kitchen cabinets.

White cabinets with black hardware: in which style?

You can introduce white kitchen furniture with black hardware in Scandinavian, modern, or classic styles. This design will emphasize the room’s belonging to a specific style, and refined and chic details will indicate the interior’s status. As the prevailing trend in kitchen design, Classics may include elements of the baroque, palace style, and minimalism. Art Deco decoration also has black accents and the presence of geometric components, for example, in textiles, in the color of the countertop. Such ensembles look actual. Modern design is, first of all, convenience and comfort, no-frills, purity of color, and space.