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White stone fireplace ideas

White stone fireplace

A wall with a fireplace often looks like an accent; decorating a fireplace wall requires a unique artistic flair. The fireplace in a white stone frame seems very neat, and corresponds to the classical ideas for decorating the living room in the style of classic, French country, minimalism, or modern. In order for the white-stone fireplace to look as organic as possible, it is worth working out the design of the room, providing the wall with the fireplace with a winning position. For example, the modern style excludes unnecessary lines and additional decorative decorations in the fireplace surround. In the French country style, accordingly, it is better to choose natural materials for decoration. Pearl white will immediately attract the attention of guests. You have to keep it crystal clean, and then it will become the center of attention and dictate the selection of the rest of the room's furniture.

White stone fireplace: materials

The white stone can be natural or artificial. The fireplace wall decorated with marble will look original. Cream, gray, delicate pastel yellow combined with a shade of white will add coziness to the living room and bedroom. The elegance and neutrality of the design with a white stone fireplace gives a sense of calm, allows you to relax and work productively in comfort. The marble surfaces of the fireplace lining allow the outgoing heat to accumulate and increase its heating capacity. The alternative to natural stone is stone look-like tiles that you can use in both small and relatively large spaces to focus on the natural origin of materials for the home’s hearth. You can add even more emphasis with the help of the fireplace’s embossed place, as well as by arranging a mantel above the fireplace for art objects, for cute little things, for photographs or candlesticks. You choose the furniture also following the given white tone of the living room. In French country or classic, soft, vague outlines; strict and precise outlines - for minimalism or modern. The color of the flooring will not necessarily be too light; most likely, there may be shades of walnut or oak, hardwood flooring, in a room with an artificial fireplace, it should reflect the image. Such premises’ beauty and style delight the owners and guests and are conducive to a comfortable home pastime.