A huge contemporary bedroom with a lounge zone, warm color code, and rich biophilic elements

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This bedroom, with its spacious and light area, looks fantastic. The designer successfully combines smooth lines, modern precise shapes, innovative lighting scenarios, and motifs borrowed from nature. The abundance of textures and details evokes imagination, though it is in perfect harmony and does not seem excessive.


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If you are taken away by the sight of this fascinating bedroom, then freeze for a while! You will need time to let in this celebration of textures, natural colors, and accents, and then consider all this in more detail. Combining innovations and biophilic accents in the most skillful way, the designer created a symphony of comfort and luxury, in which practicality is still taking its place.

The first thing you will see after leaving the small narrow entry is a stunning installation resembling a tropical forest or savannah. The background with the texture of raw golden-brown stone and small gray pebbles bounded by dark gray marble sides becomes an excellent basis for healthy green plants and herbs. The warm light of the spotlights gets entangled in the green foliage and makes you want to sit on these heated gray boulders.

When your eyes get used to the stunning variety of accents and light, you will appreciate the concise and up-to-date finishes. The designer chose materials that are close to nature. Walls coated with gray and beige polished stone and a smooth dark gray metal-like ceiling set off the Crema Marfil marble floor in the most favorable way. The accordance of the flooring and the marble tabletop of the coffee table on a rose gold base is inconspicuous at first glance but still acts like an important detail.

The great use of mirrors has become another valuable find in this design. A small panel of mirror tiles on the wall opposite the window and mirror stripes on the ceiling gives even more glare both from daylight and fashionable track lamps.

Sleeping area

A spacious bed sets the rhythm and atmosphere of splendor, and a full-length white headboard with deep button tufting contributes valuably to this feeling. Cylindrical bedside tables in metallic gray provide a harmonious neighborhood and become a kind of buffer between the bed and dark loft-like open shelving with dimming lights. It is the backlight that sets an exquisite sound to numerous decorative elements. Besides, the owners have enough light even without traditional table lamps.

The flowing green garlands of ivy inspire another unique accent. Lush and intense foliage looks lively and fresh and sets an additional burst of energy and vitality upon awakening.

Lounge area

The size and design of the space in front of the bed is a kind of challenge to more traditional solutions for bedrooms, where the corner for relaxation and reflection is as compact as possible. The designer acts on a grand scale here by using a luxurious modern set of upholstered furniture with smooth lines, including a sofa, a pair of armchairs, and an ottoman. An oval coffee table with a rose gold base completes the ensemble.

However, it is not only furniture that is worth your close attention. The wall relief with figures of wandering musicians seems to be carved out of the surrounding stone and provides a light medieval vibe. This technique is advantageous together with an electric glass fireplace built into the wall as a symbol of the hearth.

The lighting scheme deserves special attention in both areas. You will see neither floor lamps and sconces nor ceiling suspensions here. Spots and track lights provide adaptive and comfortable light and do not shift focus from accents and textures.

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