Airy, elegant, and welcoming gray bedroom with Classic roots


The satisfying gray, white, and cream color scheme, with the accent on gray, makes out of this airy bedroom the desired escape from the world hustle. Another personalization aspect that defines this interior is the visible Classic roots that flow through the wall and ceiling veins. Without much effort, the standout king-size bed with a tremendous gray tufted headboard makes a Neoclassical statement in favor of elegance. Still, where delicacy leaves its touch, comfort follows suit.


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The plot twist of this bedroom design project revolves around the complexity of combining elegance with comfort. By smartly reducing a bit from each and finding the perfect connection line, the designer came up with a delightful interior that puts on view the finest Neoclassical mark and impresses with calmness-inducing features.

With a safe play of colors, the interior reveals a much-beloved mix of gray, white, and cream that is believed to set a cocoon-like feel of security – far from the outside world. Putting the accent on gray, the designer opted for the slightly warmed-up Crushed Ice SW 7647 paint color from Sherwin-Williams on the walls. In contrast, comes the crispy white with an urban appeal Decorator’s White CC-20 from Benjamin Moore to make sure comfort leaves space for what comes next.

The room is exceptionally airy and receives enough natural light alongside the spotlights and LED strips that functionally sparkle the space and throw light on those delicate Classic details that vibrantly take over the interior. 

The enchanting wall molding that clearly flows all over the house and the graceful ceiling rose medallion show the homeowners’ love for the ancient Greek architecture considered to be a Classic, camouflaged by the modern gray shade. 

An authentic pearl casts elegant shadows on the sleeping area. This is the charming chandelier with cream beads that share the same appreciation for softness with the cream wood flooring, bedding, and lounge chair.

Some would say pure creativity, others – minimalism itself. This is the sophisticated value of the accent wall decorated with mural wallpaper with simple-lined floral patterns. What the designer tried to do is underline the sleeping area as a space on its own pace of beauty, opening the stage for the main focus – a king-size bed to perfectly suit a couple, where both partners can fully dive into the luxury the Neoclassical accent offers. The enormous gray faux leather tufted headboard makes the most of elegance and comfort. 

Since the homeowners love how simplicity sounds and looks, the designer incorporated this feeling by avoiding any additional furniture. No closets, no consoles, not even a TV. The only pieces that dare disturb the peace, yet in the most stylish way, are the cream leather lounge chair with voguish curves and the round gray velvet coffee table with a tempered glass top. Both stick to the classy tufted design and modern soft edges. In a few words – a mini-relaxation area that mostly serves a stylish role rather than a functional one, but what a perfect component for this interior!

Feeling the design lacks a few more notes of coziness, the designer completed the project with a fluffy white area rug – enough to invite comfort in and not too extra for an elegant space. 

The least visible yet with a clear impact on the interior are two different elements that find themselves in this area of refined luxury. The open entrance and additional area on the right, slightly separated, add a few more inches to the roomy space. Not that it doesn’t look perfect as it is, the designer decided to leave the space behind the relaxation area devoid of any furniture so that the homeowners could adjust this zone to their future preferences; say, a mini-home office or a reading spot. 

The last and most standout thing about this interior design is the gold boards on the ceiling that, alongside their decorative effect, are meant to balance the overly airy interior that otherwise would seem out of limits. The combination itself is impressive. White and gold have always been a good pair, adding a bold twist to this game of neutrality, elegance, and comfort.

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