All-gray open-floor kitchen + dining area with trendy concrete walls and wood furniture for a big family

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An astonishing mix of cold and warm, sleek and soft, and Industrial and Traditional gives birth to a large open-floor interior where the cooking space collaborates with the dining area, making the most of a trendy color palette and giving a new definition to comfort. The well-lit kitchen + dining room meets all the functionality, comfort, and style standards and perfectly suits the needs of a big family.

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Even from the beginning, the interior sets a strong Industrial vibe with its raw concrete walls and makes sure that the space stays up to date. Furthermore, the overall gray palette keeps pace with this statement design plan. The same kitchen cabinets reflect the concrete surface with their cold gray color.

Not everything about this open-concept interior feels neutral and cold. Once Traditional wood kitchen cabinets expose their timeless beauty on the concrete background, the picture starts to get warmer, and not because of colors but design. The cooking area is clearly defined by timeless shapes, which effortlessly emerge into something classic with the black quartz countertop – another feature in the repertoire of Traditional. 

Not leaving yet the cooking area, one can notice that the different approaches to style don’t overlap but work harmoniously, such as the balanced play between the herringbone backsplash and bleached wood parquet with a similar pattern. The neutrally colored floor mat in the cooking area almost fades into the light wood flooring, but it doesn’t cease to serve its functional role. And not least, the versatile black matte door knobs have a standout connection with other black accents in the room that not only back up the Industrial feel but also balance the overly gray palette. 

On the one hand, the upper kitchen cabinets beautifully display the dishes through the glass doors for a classic appeal. On the other, the kitchen island displays the ultra-modern faucet, again – Industrial, that seems to be some kind of a cousin with the black accent chairs of metal and leather. 

This is when the interior starts to acquire new colors and textures. Considering that the kitchen island with additional seats slightly flows into a full dining area, this space is perfect for early morning breakfasts and late dinners in the company of all family members, particularly if we speak about big families.

As promised, the interior reveals another part of its personality. In the overall neutral and raw environment, a sparkle of comfort makes its way to the surface. Inspired by the functional and comfort needs in the middle of the last century, the Mid-Century Modern dining table and chairs with peculiar curved shapes and rounded edges in wood bring what this interior lacks – the slightest touch of comfort and a new feature to enhance its individuality. 

It is not always about the style but also the way one feels in a particular space, and the mix of two different approaches to color, texture, and emotions, which are equally on-trend, embody various feelings to meet the emotional needs of all family members. 

If one takes a general look around, a few more pieces strive to show their role in this intricate puzzle. This open-floor room is exceptionally large, and no window treatment prevents the light from filtering into the space, additionally to the enormous glass doors to the terrace. A few more inches to the space seem like a perfect feature for an interior meant for big gatherings. The same ceiling is painted in a light off-white shade that the renowned brand Benjamin Moore proudly shows off, making the room look even more spacious. Designers didn’t dare disturb the functional layout with a striking chandelier and opted for spotlights instead, although the flamboyance of an elegant pendant has been successfully preserved by reflecting it on a decorative picture in the dining area. 

The interior design plan also includes a multi-purpose wood and metal buffet, which, not by coincidence, smooths the transition between the stylish concrete walls and the comfort-inducing dining area, making sure there is enough space to store all the belongings of this room, particularly when more than two people want to take part. 

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