Atmospheric contemporary white and green bedroom with transparent furniture and eco-style elements

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Luminous windows, flowing lines, unobtrusive lighting scenario, a natural palette, well-used natural decor, and an exclusive landscape mural wallpaper make this bedroom the perfect place to relax and unwind. Transparent elements and textures that are pleasing to the eye and touch, combined with laconic furniture, allow you to feel a genuine closeness to nature while maintaining absolute physical and visual comfort.

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Modern comfort and the soothing lightness and warmth of natural motifs come together in this spacious bedroom design to create an atmosphere of complete relaxation for a serene rest. The abundance of light and air is provided not only by a vast wall-to-wall window but also by the incredibly clever use of the palette and a large number of natural and modern textures, thanks to which even a massive TV on the wall looks organic and does not seem like an alien element.

One of the most eye-catching design elements was the giant wall-to-wall mural at the head of the bed. The morning forest depicted on it, penetrated by the sun’s rays, looks like a continuation of the landscape, which is viewed from the window on the adjacent wall. Thus, the effect of complete unity with nature is created, equally pronounced at night and during the day due to the diode illumination of the mural around the perimeter.

Base and accents

Very light and warm colors are quite expectedly chosen as the interior base. A natural ecru satin ceiling echoes harmoniously with white matte panels along one wall and a canvas-like finish at hand. The matt light wood floor completes the immaculate background, full of warmth, calmness, and lightness.

Designers used a natural and juicy green shade reminiscent of spring grasses and young foliage for a color accent. This color was chosen for the velvet fabric, which covers the bed base, the wall-length headboard, and the bench with button tufting at the feet. Thus, green allows you to create an integral composition and visually outline the sleeping area without excessive load with additional partitions and details.


There are no heavy and bulky elements in the lighting scenario. Hidden LED lighting on the ceiling and around the mural creates a calm and subdued light, and a thin pendant of an impeccable rectangular shape does not disturb the purity and serenity of the lines. An original technique – paired table lamps in white with transparent bases, located on the console opposite the window and creating a light source that does not distract attention from the landscape at the head.

Furniture and decor

The transparent furniture also contributes to the creation of a spacious and filled with light and air space, which can be safely called a very successful design find. The clear acrylic bedside tables echo a similar console, complete with a wooden shelf and a small curved table in the TV area. Light, ghostly contours of furniture add a sense of light haze and, at the same time, do not interfere with the visual perception of accessories and decor items.

Maximum attention in the bedroom design is given to the unity of textile textures. Discreet and straight linen curtains in a tone slightly darker than the adjacent wall add variety and movement. At the same time, a natural fiber bedspread and a small light rug with a trendy geometric print create a charming contrast with green velvet and invite you to feel their ease tactilely.

The decor for the bedroom is made of natural materials. Dry driftwood is adjacent to a bouquet of dry herbs in a translucent vase in the TV zone. The miniature composition of coral is consonant in color with the surrounding palette. And the rest of the decor is represented by small accessories made of glass shades.

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