Industrial open kitchen - living room with a brick accent wall that unites both

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The Industrial veil that covers the open-floor interior, which effortlessly smooths the line between the kitchen and seating area, hides the most refined Classic trace that reveals its beauty on spots painted in white. Still, the main focus is on exceptionally contemporary colors, impressively raw surfaces, and the standout brick accent wall that partners with the fireplace for an original approach to an apartment interior.


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As the prevalent Industrial style dictates, the interior focuses on a large space with enormous arch top windows that throw a slightly Classic light on the raw contrast between sleek modernity and the refinement of the old world. Another feature that instantly draws attention is the neutral palette that relies on a mix of black, gray, and white with the slightest hint of brown since comfort is also part of the play.

A tiny trace of Classic hides behind the raw surfaces emphasized through the timeless white shade Chantilly Lace OC-65 from the beloved manufacturer Benjamin Moore that spreads its cotton-like softness on the ceiling, trim, and kitchen cabinets. 

Everything that comes next is fully Industrial, which makes it a design project perfect for courageous minds that are not afraid to keep it raw and impressive, particularly in an era when an exposed brick wall is a source of stylish individuality and compliance with the current trends. In this case, the bare brick surface is the center of attention and sets the whole vibe.

The contrast of neutral shades cools down the orange undertones of the brick accent wall, going all the way from the plain and thick gray curtains to the gray patterned floor tiles, reaching the white background and black accent furniture. 

The open-floor interior with a high ceiling slightly reminds of the lofty design solutions yet preserves its irreplaceable personality. The Industrial offers the chance to customize the furnishing and decor, and this is exactly what this design project does for the homeowners who definitely want to stay original. 

Despite the association of the Industrial with raw and cold, it craves comfort in its own way. Designers interpreted this feature through the cottage fireplace with an exposed pipe and firewood that seem simply unimaginable in an apartment, but here we are, and the result is stunning. To preserve the intended effect, the area has been lit with Farmhouse pendants of black metal and brass, which can be successfully appreciated as Industrial as well.

Seating area

This is where the sleekness of the brown leather sofa and butterfly accent leather chairs, the intricate feature of the coffee table with a Rustic top, the comfort induced by the extra fluffy white area rug, and the good old day charm of the worn-by-time tripod floor lamps meet to show exactly what Industrial stands for. 

Perfect for spending time with friends, this seating area has it all – comfort, modernity, and most of all, a unique appearance that reflects the personality of the homeowner who stays up to date, is not afraid to experiment, and makes the most of the contrast between familiar and new. 


This is where designers have gathered the entire range of modern features, opting for sleek white cabinets devoid of handles with contrasting black details, such as the ultra-modern matte black faucet, and showcasing a bit of Classic through the marble countertop and backsplash. The space has been functionally lit with spotlights and ensured with a practical storage system for an appearance devoid of clutter. 

Dining area

This space doesn’t involve anything more than a Farmhouse dining table with metal legs and a Rustic top and dark brown leather chairs with black legs, which proves once again that the naturalness of materials and sleekness of shapes prevails. 


The first elements of the kind that draws the eye are the enormous decorative mirrors with antique iron frames that add the last touch of roughness to the interior for accents meant to make a statement. On the other side, right under the large windows, the worn-by-time radiators ensure a similar effect.

The textured brick wall is slightly adapted to the idea of a space where people cook, take their meal, and relax through a bunch of inspirational pictures and framed quotes chaotically displayed on the raw surface. 

The same goes for the fireplace that would look too extra for an apartment if it weren’t for the set of candles and decorative partition wall that open a new perspective on this space that looks like out of a cottage.

Not as outstanding – still, part of the decor is the brown glass vase with natural filling that proves that Industrial doesn’t crave accessories as much as functionality, which perfectly works for minds that appreciate such features in their interior.

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