Modern living room with a Neoclassical background and a combination of eclectic accents

Alex Jolea Author

Contemporary refinement enters the living room once the Classic wall details engage themselves in a dance with the Modern room layout, inviting elements from different styles to take part as well. A beautiful mix of Mid-Century, Boho, and even a sparkle of Scandi redefine the Neoclassical backdrop.

200 sq ft

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Sleek contemporaneity and delicate refinement are the defining features of this modern living room that successfully brings an array of styles together. The Classic-inspired wall molding enhanced with the same crown molding sets a slightly formal environment, quickly played down by the charming almost white shade with gentle, welcoming notes.

The first thing that draws one’s attention is the bold ginger sofa that fully embraces Mid-Century, smartly combined with a Modern coffee table and a Scandi-inspired neutral-colored chair, which let the sofa steal the show. The more one looks around, the more styles come to the surface, adding individuality. It is undoubtedly true about the shag area rug that offers a modern perspective on the trendy Boho approach, going hand in hand with the unobtrusive vases placed on both sides that set harmony and add texture with the nature-inspired fillers.

Subtle Mid-Century details complete the puzzle; one may even feel a bit of Art Deco that smoothly integrates elegance. A flamboyant pendant that replicates the classic white and gold combination throws new light on the overall design, backed up by a similar mix of colors with airy curtains hung on gold rods and gold and white floating shelves. All in all, this living room successfully sticks one style to another under modern design rules for an original yet no less stylish interior.

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