Raw texture, orange and gray, biophilic elements: an exclusive country house loft bedroom with an integrated bathtub

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The key features that define Loft - the open space, almost neutral color scheme, minimalist arrangement, rough surfaces, and exposed pieces of practical use make this interior a prominent representative of this style. Still, the new pop of orange and biophilic design approaches add character to the bedroom, displaying an accent bathtub right in the same space. The original design project is clearly personalized yet stays true to the environment of an old factory interior


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The tremendously large interior adheres to the Loft style techniques through the old factory background, the prevalence of untreated surfaces, large windows that open a panoramic view, the absence of separation walls, and generally – the practical and individualized approach to layout. 

The showy Loft style has been fully interpreted in this open-floor bedroom through design tricks without using a real factory space. The designer skillfully borrowed the main features of such settings and integrated them into this country house relaxation area. The same exposed ventilation pipes on the ceiling painted in the neutral gray Classic Silver PPU18-11 from Behr show such a natural appearance that one would hardly take them for faux. 

The irreplaceable panoramic view that opens before the sleeping area and before one of the main focuses – the incorporated aluminum bathtub, preserves the urban charm yet brings a new landscape, replacing the city hustle with the natural calmness. The project itself is intended for a creative mind, and a view like this is a perfect inspirational source. 

There are a few types of Loft, and the designer decided to go with Glamor Loft, introducing a vibrant color scheme, which is gray and orange, making the most of the natural feature, and underlining the whole beauty of design with LED strips, which successfully underline the bathtub area and create a special environment. 

Overall, the space is cut by sleek steel-imitating trim and frames. With a mezzanine level, the city’s charm makes its move again, while nature manages to dive deeper. The natural stone accent wall in the bathtub zone and the wooden board on the second level reveal the homeowner’s love for a specific sense of calmness that only nature can radiate. Following the same row of ideas, the designer referred to another up-to-date solution – a touch of Biophilic aesthetical beauty. The outdoor greeneries planted inside the house simply erase the glass wall that separates the interior from the forest. 

The designer pendants of white fiberglass float in the air and effortlessly cover the remaining space, loading it with elegance, softness, and once again – originality.  

Everything feels special in this large bedroom, but nothing tops the bathtub that courageously finds its way to the heart of this lofty space. The only partition wall that separates it from the sleeping area is a mix of frosted glass and black frames. This way, the designer defines the interior as more of a relaxation space, where one escapes, ruminates, and feels free. 

Vibrant sleeping area

All orange accents gathered in this space and not without reason. The designer intentionally emphasized the sleeping area through this effervescent color that brings creativity and most of all – comfort. A raw and neutral interior like this requires a pop of warmth, particularly when the design approach allows new elements to penetrate the style. 

The priceless concrete wall that Loft cannot be implemented without, with the tiniest hint of brickwork, sets the right feel of textured personalization. Everything that comes next is a real fairytale alongside the untreated finish. 

The main point of interest is the astonishing mural wallpaper with floral motifs, where orange reigns. Nothing would have softened the factory gray the way these sumptuous flowers do. 

To let the mural lead the show, the main furniture piece – the bed comes with a low-profile platform and strikes with a deep orange duvet cover.  

Since this space is all about the freedom of creative solutions, the orange Boho area rug with the incomparable medallion pattern and a brush of blue feels more than welcome. All this beauty is doubled due to the full-length mirror with aluminum frame and brought to a contemporary stage with a full-screen TV.

Considering that Glamor Loft prevails, the designer did not hesitate to enrich the sleeping area with a breath of naturalness, adding a large concrete pot with an enormous indoor plant that makes this space feel like home.  

Not as imposing, yet a closer look reveals the contrary; the round three-legged bedside tables of untreated wood remind us again that Loft is the leading party. Still, there is a trick. The designer smartly combined the raw texture with the soft-edged shape to contrast the lofty wall. 

The final and defining touch is the extra comfy tufted armchair with a beautiful cognac color. This is where new meets old – another move from Loft. Besides serving as a real masterpiece on the gray background, this piece of furniture impresses with its comfort and would make any seat experience roar perfection, particularly when such a beautiful view opens behind the glass wall.

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