Soft-toned living room diluted with vibrant accents and two cognac leather seats for a cozy relaxation area

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The coziest environment fills the living room once the light creamy shade spreads all over the walls, with a more intense variation on the curtains and a more natural one on the wood flooring. Even the two accent cognac leather seats cannot disturb the particles of softness that flow in the Minimalist air, effortlessly enlivened with a standout area rug with rich patterns.


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This pleasant-to-the-heart living room, perfect for relaxation during the weekend or in the evening after a workday, suits particularly well a person who lives alone, a family of two, or two friends and makes the most of comfort, functionality, and style concepts.

The creamy curtains and wood flooring with a calming light brown shade work in unison with the white shade Bit of Sugar PR-W14 from Behr on the walls, which harmoniously pairs cool with warm, leading to the softest splash of comfort. The walls would not seem so appealing if it weren’t for the overall warm palette that brings the best in them. This is what makes the interior feel safe, comforting, and pleasant to spend time in, regardless of the following elements that take a slightly different direction.

Nothing would play the roles of main characters better in this seating area than the cognac leather sofa and its true companion – an armchair of a similar design. This is when Mid-Century Modern, a highly approached style, makes its move and adds both functional and stylish comfort. The clean lines, round-shaped decorative cushions on the sofa, and irreplaceable wood legs make their statement. It is impressive how particularly these pieces of furniture hold it together by having a bit of everything this space tries to replicate – simplicity, comfort, individuality. 

This interior is designed for homeowners who appreciate the beauty of simple shapes and unusual approaches to design in their house. The set of two hammered-iron coffee tables with round shapes in silver instantly personalizes the space, although such forms are a thing of the present and beautifully collaborate with the overall Minimalist layout that this interior proudly shows. 

The defining features of the living room are clearly visible – undoubtedly comfortable and relying on contemporary simplicity yet revealing sophistication through new forms. The additional decor pieces determined by the exceptionally vibrant and rich-in-pattern area rug with floral motifs and the knitted mustard ottoman, both inspired by Bohemian originality, beautifully underline the personality of this space, and even the personality of the homeowners, who are not mandatorily impressively creative minds, although they crave the slightest touch of individuality. Furthermore, the vibrant pouf is a reliable source of comfort, serving as a footrest for bookworms who enjoy reading in the living, and the extra-large arch floor lamp in silver seems perfect for the same hobby. 

A beautiful connection forms between the black and white wall art that refers once again to wood and the natural filling in the decorative base, with both preserving a natural palette. Right above, the Modern round-shaped crystal chandelier makes the upper space keep pace with the rest of the interior, although the functional spotlights are there to accompany the gorgeous pendant in the evening with practical light sources.

The slight cocoon feature inserted by beige is slightly washed out by the enormous full-length window and glass doors to the terrace that let the natural light reign and bring a part of the outdoors indoors for homeowners who want a space that feels personalized yet doesn’t lose connection with the outside world. 

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