Spacious and well-lit living room for amateurs of balanced combinations of traditions and modernity

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When the soft background with roots in the familiar Traditional style serves as a canvas for the Modern accents, a Transitional veil gives this living room a new sense of beauty. While one of the main features - the fireplace and textured surfaces keep it close to the heart, the space availability and functional layout bring a contemporary perspective on comfort.


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The impressively spacious living room keeps pace with the current trends and offers a soft color palette with the slightest accents for increased comfort and calmness alongside unique features. The same paint color used to decorate the walls and ceiling is the renowned white representative of fresh and soft Snowbound SW 7004 from the no less popular brand Sherwin-Williams. The Modern paint color is successfully brought to a familiar look with the Classic wall molding that inserts the traditional atmosphere.

A general look emphasizes the ivory particles of color, while bold accents that seem to be traced to this color variation take the interior on a new adventure, starting with the bleached wood flooring that offers a slightly warm effect and playful vibe due to the intricate pattern.

It wouldn’t be the same without the large full-length windows on both sides of the room, allowing natural light to pave its way into the room and bring the best in the light background. What’s best about those windows and their companions – large glass doors to the terrace is their ability to open new views each season, and nothing can decorate a space better than nature, be it even on the other side of the glass. 

Seating area

The relaxation area perfectly replicates the concept of balance standing behind a Transitional interior. The interesting part is that all accents stand on their one yet form a harmonious composition together, just like this living room shows. In the seating area, one instantly directs the attention toward the accent leather seats in cognac. The classic leather surface brings the timeless effect that effortlessly balances the contemporary lines and extra comfy feel. 

Going further on, the washed-out gray coffee table of wood and metal with the most refined Farmhouse air adds the ultimate sense of coziness to the slightly formal environment. The play of feelings is so fantastic that even the connoisseurs of Transitional that know how balance works in such interiors would be impressed.

Following the same color variation, the neutrally colored area rug with Oriental patterns makes sure that the seating area stands out as a separate functional space yet doesn’t cease to integrate into the overall palette since we speak about ivory again.

Regardless of which side one gravitates more to, be it Traditional or Modern, a seating area that reflects them both through shape, color, and texture meets all standards.

The main focus

Undoubtedly, the focus in an interior that strives to embrace traditions is a fireplace, and it perfectly fits this living room due to perfect integration into the soft background with a stone cover in the same color. When it seems that the Traditional has taken over, the Modern color palette and simplistic design come to the rescue in this battle for balance, where a new contrast stands out – the black quartz decor piece on the lower side of the fireplace.  


Not far from the fireplace, right on the mantel, stylish decor pieces draw the eye in the most unexpected way. The Rustic candle holders of various sizes preserve the old-time sense of comfort, while the gold-framed leaf wall decor right above would surely please the eyes of those who feel that the comfort-inducing fireplace requires a Modern accent. A bit lower, the black quartz piece offers extra space for decor, and two large white vases with minimalist filling make their move.

The perfect balance of formal and comfortable is reflected by the full-length mirror with a light wood frame, which goes hand in hand with the coffee table and candle holders of a similar texture.

Following the same principle of balance, the hourglass bookshelves with white metal frames and wood shelves on both sides of the seating area don’t only serve as another source of balance for the interior but also offer space for storing all kinds of items, from those one uses on a daily basis to simply decorative pieces. 

Window treatment

As the style implies, the window treatment relies on neutrally colored curtains with a sheer texture and a simple design devoid of additional colors or patterns so that it would perfectly work with decor pieces from both sides of the applied styles. Slightly more intense in color, the curtains almost fade into the background, which makes the accents in the room stand out. 


The last meeting between Traditional and Modern happens when energy-efficient spotlights interact with the crystal chandelier of exceptional beauty that goes beyond any of the mentioned styles and stands out with its elegant shape. Still, the black metal frame is slightly traced to the same Rustic approach that spreads from one decor piece to another throughout the room. 

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