Stylish integration of three functional areas into a Modern space with a colorful twist

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The timeless white and gray alongside classy marble and textured wood set the perfect background for a Modern open-concept interior that falls in love with vibrancy in the living room, stays true to contemporaneity in the kitchen, and embraces elegance in the dining area. The impartial space between the three functional areas radiates neutrality yet borrows a little from each.

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The jaw-dropping open-floor interior comprises a wide range of textures, colors, and shapes, yet it manages to preserve the sleekness peculiar to contemporary designs resulting in an amalgam of original features.

The irreplaceable white Ultra Pure White 1850 by Behr and slightly warm gray Crushed Ice SW 7647 by Sherwin-Williams serve as a canvas and invite white and black marble to continue the fairytale. 

Designers made sure that such a large space received appropriate light and enriched the living and dining areas with full-length windows in the company of plain blackout curtains for full privacy during the night. 

The separation line between the three functional areas is the improvised hallway with functional lighting, beautifully decorated with a statement picture filled with a vibrancy that sets a courageous vibe right from the start. Simultaneously, the seating area is stylishly separated from the dining room through a classic built-in wood bookshelf.


In contrast with the rest of the interior, the kitchen stands out with its compliance to contemporary trends, revealing sleek matte gray cabinets devoid of handles. The same pendant that accompanies the spotlights showcases a minimalist design that keeps pace with the overall simplistic approach. The red refrigerator is the only item that connects this ultra-modern space with the other functional areas.

Dining area

Since the interior is designed for homeowners who like inviting friends over, the dining area has been provided with a large table of marble and an impressive x-shaped gold frame. The splash of elegance reaches a new level with the unique open-back gray velvet chairs with black and gold legs. The composition feels complete once the abstract wall decor of gold says the last word, which is “elegance” in this case, so that the guests will always be impressed by how much finesse a single space radiates. Speaking of, the whole combination of classy shades is brightened by a minimalist pendant with an intricate glass globe design, which is to be found in the seating area as well.

Seating area

This is where the vibrant fairytale shows its true colors. The boldest accents gathered particularly in the seating area, where the homeowner’s friends will feel welcome due to the inviting shades. The same bookshelf shows off a collection of colorful books that add to the effect.

A seating area doesn’t feel the same without a comfy rug, and the shag one designers decided to go with suits the requirements for a cozy interior. With the slightest touch, elegance managed to infiltrate itself into the seating area through the sparkling gold accents.

The Mid-Century Modern sofa with gentle curves, clean lines, and an organic shape adds stylish simplicity, while the playful gray and blue throw pillows smooth the transition from simple to vibrant. 

With additional seats for larger gatherings, the interior shows off two modern accent chairs with delicate lines and interesting color combinations, both with a gold frame. The extra-comfy seat cushions will make late-night talks feel cozier. 

To functionally balance the large space and stylishly decorate the relaxation area, designers opted for an accent coffee table that indeed makes a statement with its round shape, nesting design, and, of course, marble and gold details.

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