Ultra white transitional living room with vintage touches

Alex Jolea Author

An exquisitely stylish design comes to the surface once Tradition embraces Modern approaches in the living room. Additionally, a few Mid-Century and Vintage elements underline the personality of this space.

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The balanced interior that harmoniously combines Traditional and Modern design solutions features a sleek contemporary living room with a bit from every style and not too much from each, besides the few accents inspired by whole new design directions.

The interior style starts with the Traditional background, replicating an impressive crown molding in a classic white shade and leather furniture without going beyond limits since the Modern layout that focuses on functionality instantly enters the play to preserve balance. 

A transition like this seems even smoother due to smartly chosen decor pieces meant to complete the design idea with their slight touch of luxury and vintage finesse. Not too striking yet definitely eye-catching, these accessories cover the gap between two different style approaches.

The Modern neutral background perfectly combines with a range of color splashes in the space, all flowing from brown and reaching beige and gold. The picture would not look complete without an additional touch of texture, which, in this case, is a soft area rug with slightly faded Vintage patterns that brings both comfort and uniqueness to a seemingly formal setting. All in all, this is a perfect interpretation of how functionality, style, and comfort collaborate in contemporary interiors.

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