10 Holiday decorating tricks

10 Holiday decorating tricks

Holidays are about to kick off and fill the streets with a beautiful and lush aroma of mulled wine and spices. Guess what else will be exceptional and mesmerizing? The answer is rather apparent – households and their decor! 

For many people, holidays are an excellent chance to reflect on the passing year and make resolutions for the coming one. Christmas, New Year’s Eve – these are two major holidays we celebrate in December. 

Although occurring in the second part of the month, the preparation begins way in advance. Some even start getting ready for holidays as soon as the beginning of December! 

Nonetheless, whether you’ve already furnished your dwelling with decorations or you are looking for different ideas, this article will come in handy.

Below are ten creative and whimsical holiday decorating ideas to make your house welcoming, one-of-a-kind, and, above all else, lovable. 

Accentuate greenery

Greenery always works wonders. No, really. If you think that your place lacks something, nine out of ten, it’s fixable with adding some plants or flowers. Apart from endowing your space with style, greenery also boosts your apartment’s scent, carving out in guests’ sensory experience. 

But more to the point, the great thing about this idea is that it doesn’t get old. Whenever and wherever you live, home plants will enhance the interior at all times. And importantly, you don’t need to be a florist to select plants that’ll amplify your space. Find a particular plant adorable? Opt for it! Feel free to go with your gut, as this is the place you live. For what it’s worth, we love moss and fern and would most likely go with them.

Harmonize colors

Following different themes is an excellent strategy to diversify your approach toward holidays. But no matter what changes you make annually, paying attention to colors is of utmost importance. 

Experimenting with colors can result in gripping and breathtaking combinations, but make sure to test them before deciding on final decorations. If you host a Christmas Eve and want to make it memorable, focus on details. For instance, you can use a poster making tool and build a visually-appealing image that’ll only fuel your guests’ excitement. We recommend following the same color palette to make your guests feel like they’ve already seen that setting. And yet, it will leave them speechless. 

Make it peculiar

You don’t need to be a prolific designer to come up with attractive and captivating decorations. More crucial is to be open-minded and introduce your household to unique and fresh items. That is to say, don’t shy away from adding things meaningful to you, like family symbols and alike.

Make visuals and scents coexist

The festive mood that begins in December (ideally, with the first snow, but let’s agree here on the fact that the latter has been kind of erratic lately and rather invisible) makes people start early preparations. And with people focusing on creating eye-catching visuals, the concept of fragrance and its overpowering impact often gets overlooked.

Working on a general scent is imperative if you want your visitors to remember your premises. Here, you don’t necessarily need to reinvent the wheel, developing a unique smell. If you have no ideas or time to take care of scents, make mulled wine, killing two birds with one stone – an intense drink and ambrosian smell. 

Take care of the entryway

You’ve probably been told not to judge a book by its cover many times. And that’s true; you can’t know what the book is about and whether it’s exciting until you read it. The same goes with dwellings and their exterior. 

Whether you have a remarkable interior, the exterior determines people’s first impression of your visual tastes and overall attitude toward holidays. So, taking care of an entryway is important. Likewise, you don’t have to fiddle around how to make your exterior appealing. Weaving white pine, cedar, and fir and hanging it over the entrance and windows will suffice.

Refrain from following the same pattern

Many treat holidays as the best time to start over: a relationship, job, business, etc. And if you can relate to that, it would be reasonable to modify your holiday decoration approach. Seeking changes, make sure to explore new ways to adorn your house. Think of components that seemed to you weird in the past. They may now be interesting and worth using. 

Make your table contents vibrant or monochrome

To bank on colors or go monochrome, that’s the question. Choosing between a bold and elegant table setting is always a challenge, for many crucial and concomitant factors must be considered. If your tablescape is affluent in bold colors, you may be better off going vibrant. Otherwise, you may benefit from a monochromatic approach, sticking to crystal, black, and silver. 

Go eclectic

Embracing the mix may require lots of courage, as a few are open-minded enough to incorporate elements from various cultures. If you gravitate toward diversifying your space with different items, it will saturate your house with magic and festivity. With this approach, you can let your imagination run wild, including a wide array of things, from colorful Chinese pottery to Jewish Hanukkah menorah. 

Scatter some plaids and plaid pillows

Securing plaids and plaid pillows is a minimalistic way of spicing up the dwelling. Yet, it works perfectly fine, making people feel at home. The underlying reason for that is our cognition. We associate plaids with something intimate and genuine. Covering with a plaid or simply holding a plaid pillow (especially when having a hot drink) helps us do away with negativity and become rustic for a while.

Make it toasty

If we were to boil down holiday decorations to one purpose, we would go with this wording, “To make the house look and feel pleasant.” Holidays are an exquisite time to ponder the year, gains, and losses. It’s also an excellent chance to reunite with people. And in our humble opinion, securing comfort on various levels is what will help you make your place unforgettable. Previously, we’ve written about great fireplace ideas, so if you have a domestic fire or plan to install one, you may want to go through that list of ideas. 

Besides the fireplace and its soothing sounds, good music can also be valuable. If your budget allows, you can go with a phonograph record and buy several vinyl records and play them to your guests. After all, what can be better than watching a crackling bonfire, listening to jazz, and drinking wine – and doing all that with people you love?