10×10 ft bedroom layout: helpful tips + great ideas

If you are the happy owner of a spacious bedroom in which you can implement almost any design project, then you can read this article just to broaden your horizons. However, it will undoubtedly come in handy if you think about setting up a 10-by-10-feet (3 by 3 meters) breakout room. So let’s take a closer look at how you can choose the layout for a 100 square feet (9 square meters) bedroom.

Small square bedroom 10×10 ft: features, pros, and cons

At first glance, it may seem that such a small room is utterly devoid of any advantages. Indeed, in this case, one must be extremely careful with the dimensions of the furniture. It is necessary to verify every decorative trifle, and not every style can be realized in such a room. However, you shouldn’t look at this so pessimistically: in fact, the 10×10 ft square bedroom has its advantages:

  • Room for maneuver. Of course, the options for arranging furniture for such a bedroom are limited. Still, you can always slightly modify it by moving the furniture around the perimeter or changing the centering by choosing one. In addition, you will have enough space for passage in almost any option. Have you considered this? Now imagine what it is like for the owners of a rectangular bedroom of the same area, and you will understand that your affairs are not so bad.
  • Plenty of room for imagination. The limited number of placement and decoration options allows you to fully engage your creativity and find solutions that ultimately prove to be quite entertaining.
  • An opportunity to make the bedroom truly modern. We will not dissemble and say that you can design a small square bedroom in any style. However, this is not so bad either. Of course, luxurious classics cannot be accommodated on such a scale, but a modern laconic design will suit it perfectly. Moreover, charming options with an abundance of cozy and compact decor like hygge will also be entirely appropriate.

So, we have presented three arguments in favor of a small square bedroom to add optimism to you. Now let’s talk more in detail and explain several options for a suitable layout for a 10×10 bedroom.

The focus on the bed

Any bedroom starts with a seating area, and it is a big priority in the case of a small room. You can refuse a wardrobe, a massive chest of drawers, and even a bedside table, but you definitely cannot do without a bed. That is why it is worth starting our furnishing by placing a bed in a small bedroom. Let’s take a closer look at several options for the location of your bed in a 10×10 room.

With a Full-Size bed (54×75/80 inches // 140×190/200 cm)

With a Full-Size bed – the solution is relatively compact and leaves more space for additional pieces of furniture. Furniture options, in this case, may be as follows:

  • With a bed against the wall in the center and one bedside table. You can put a fairly roomy wardrobe or chest of drawers on one side, and a narrow carpet from the door and an armchair in the corner by the window will add balance.
  • Placing the bed under the window. In this case, you have enough space for two bedside tables and two bedside rugs, and opposite the door, a chest of drawers and a small wardrobe will fit well, as well as beautiful wall decor.
  • The bed in the very corner. It is an excellent option for those who do not require a bedside table – a more compact accent table will perfectly replace it. Add an armchair to the corner along the same wall, a closet or dresser opposite, and you will find that you have enough room in your bedroom, even for dancing and yoga.

With a Queen-Size bed (60/66×80 inches // 150/160×200 cm)

A queen-sized double bed can also fit in a 10×10 bedroom. In this case, you may well try the following solutions:

  • Offset to the window. It is not necessary to place the bed with the headboard precisely in the center of the wall. Pick up a bedside table 20-24 inches wide, put it in the corner between the bed and the wall with a window, and move the bed close to it. So you will have space for a chest of drawers or a cabinet on the other side of the bed, and even a reasonably wide aisle. A runner rug and an armchair on the other side of the window complete the composition.
  • Symmetrical arrangement. Try using the same classic pattern as with a Full-size bed – with side tables and bedside rugs on the sides. A shallow chest of drawers will fit quite nicely next to the opposite door, and if you want more spaciousness, you can achieve it by increasing the height of the furniture.
  • The bed by the door. Feng shui laws do not approve of this; however, this option for a small bedroom is very beneficial if the door is shifted to the corner of the wall. With a standard opening width, there is room for both a queen-sized bed and an accent table next to it. Storage systems can be placed on the side of the wall, and an armchair, a dressing table or a desk, as well as floor decor, will look good by the window opposite.

With a King-Size bed (72/76×80 inches // 180/190×200 cm)

If you are used to relaxing in a big way and are not ready to sacrifice your habits even because of a small bedroom, you can go to the next most challenging level of the quest and try to place a large double bed in it. We are ready to offer you several options for thinking:

  • With a bed in the corner under the window. Are you prepared to do anything to sleep in all the comfort you can get? Don’t worry, the sacrifice you need to make is a small one – giving up symmetry. Move the bed to the corner under the window close to – this will free up space for a reasonably wide cabinet on the side and a small cabinet opposite.
  • Bed on the wall with a door. An option that assumes the maximum of asceticism – with a small armchair or a small table opposite and a chest of drawers or a compact wardrobe in the corner.

In almost all these cases, it makes sense to think about custom-made furniture – this will allow you to achieve maximum ergonomics. In addition, try to use vertical and hinged solutions instead of the usual stationary ones – wall cabinets and shelves, sconces instead of table and floor lamps. When every millimeter is valuable, it’s worth thinking as creatively as possible.

So, if everything is more or less clear with the bed, we suggest that you evaluate more complex ideas for furnishing and decorating a 10×10 bedroom.

Storage space on one wall

The layout problem is one of the most pressing for small bedrooms. However, today it is effortless to solve thanks to the use of hinged modular systems, tables, and cabinets. Having placed the bed on a long wall, put cabinets and shelves above it – this way, you can equip a desk in the resulting niche and use the free space as you wish.

Arrangement of furniture in the corners

A solution for those who are not too interested in storing a lot of things. Just put the bed in a corner, and place cabinets, dressers, or wardrobes in the free ones. Do not forget about the appropriate textile design, and the room will take on a very original (albeit slightly chaotic) look.

Home theater in the bedroom

If you love watching your favorite movies and TV shows before bed, turn your little bedroom into a natural oasis. Install the bed with the headboard against a long wall, leaving space for nightstands on the sides. On the opposite – hang a TV and shelves, and install long, narrow cabinets at the bottom. So you get a small passage, and the space will come out ergonomic and chamber.

Overhead storage system

If you are the owner of a small bedroom, modern systems with wall cabinets and a bed in the resulting niche will be a real salvation for you. Thus, all things will be at hand, and you will not have to install any more storage systems, and the room will not look empty at all. In addition, such headboard storage systems will fit into any interior style – from classic to minimalism.

Two single beds

A small square nursery for two children requires maximum attention when planning. However, the solution is most often obvious – it is everyone’s favorite symmetry. Place two single beds with their headboards against a blank wall, place a bedside table between them, and compact storage systems on the opposite wall. This will create a cozy area for the young owners of the room, and there will be enough space for games.

Easy peasy

True connoisseurs of minimalism try not to burden their living space with unnecessary things – on the contrary, they rest best where there are few things, and each of them is in its place. That is why a small square bedroom suits them so well. There is a double bed with a pair of nightstands and a shelf on top, wall sconces, a TV on the wall, and plenty of air and maximum free space. What more could you want for complete relaxation?

The perfect kids’ room

Beds on the opposite walls from the window are an excellent solution for two children and an opportunity to equip a full-fledged work area. If there is not enough space for a desk, a built-in countertop along the wall and wall cabinets above it will come to the rescue. Everything is balanced and without cluttering up the space.

Space for the working area

If you are passionate about work, you can rest assured that there is room for development in a 10×10 bedroom. A small and stylish computer desk will snuggle up in the corner and will not interfere with your rest or movement around the room.

As you can see, the 10×10 ft square bedroom offers ample room for both furnishing and decoration. Carefully study your desires and needs, evaluate all the pros and cons of possible layouts and do not save time and money for custom-made furniture – and see for yourself that in a small bedroom, you can create all the conditions for a complete and pleasant stay.

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