12 Colleges & Universities with the best student housing

12 Colleges & Universities with the best student housing

Our home is our castle, and this is also true if you live in a dorm. This place becomes our oasis of peace during our college years. When the world gets too stressful, it’s such a pleasure to unwind in your favorite room! Therefore, when choosing a university, it is vital to pay attention to the housing it offers. 

In this article, we have compiled a list of colleges based on reviews regarding housing capacity, costs, quality, and rates of student-housing crime. Explore the list below to have the best dorm experience ever!

Florida Gulf Coast University

To begin with, the campus of this school is close to a stunning beach, so the views will surely win over you! Its main attractions are the pools and panorama of the bay. There is also a sand volleyball court, a campfire site, and hammocks. Sounds like a fairy tale, right? As for the dorms, they have cinemas, study and game rooms, and shared kitchens.

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Regent University

Do you believe dorms are typically empty, and you have to furnish everything yourself? Not when it comes to Regent University! Here, all apartments are fully furnished. The rooms are very spacious, and there are also full-sized kitchens and cable TV. Plus, those who don’t like spending time at home can enjoy outdoor grilling areas. Moreover, they are very close to big malls, which is also an advantage.

The University of Northwestern

Now, we want to analyze a religious liberal arts school located in St. Paul, Minnesota. You are guaranteed to have your own kitchen and bathroom. And this is super cool, as you don’t have to share them with anyone. Moreover, you will save a lot of money by cooking at home. But this is only part of the good news. The campus also has fitness areas, hot tubs, and pools. You can’t even dream of a better home!

Santa Clara University

As a first and second-year student, you will most likely live at the Residential Learning Communities of Santa Clara University. And they are really special. Why? Each center is dedicated to its own themes, such as Service And Community or Innovation And Integrity. 

Therefore, a lot of attention is paid to team spirit, shared mindset, and common values. And if you manage to build a trusting relationship with your roommates, you can become lifelong friends. So, why not hang out together in University Villas? They are located close to the classrooms, so you will save time on the road.

Rice University

Are you crazy about modern technology? Well, at Rice University, you will be impressed. Its students surely won’t have to worry about laundry. Eco-friendly learners will be in awe since reducing water usage is one of the best sustainable habits. How convenient! 

Moving on to the next pros, HBO Go fans will be delighted to know that the university provides free access to the channel. So, why not immerse yourself in your favorite series if you have free time?

Saginaw Valley State University

At Saginaw Valley State University, you aren’t required to live in a residence hall, but more than half of the students choose to do so. And for a good reason!

Suite-style apartments with a bedroom, living room, and kitchen are simply charming. And if you decide to follow some creative design tips, the space will be even more alluring. In addition, it’s very convenient that all the buildings here are connected. This means you will quickly get everywhere you need and won’t freeze in a cold Michigan winter. 

Grand Canyon University

Do you value personal space? Then the individualized studios at Grand Canyon University are your best choice! Or you can go for a more traditional experience and live in a residence hall with others. Fitness centers, swimming pools, and outside recreational areas are also at your service. Why not play volleyball or Frisbee after an exhausting day?

Bowdoin College

Have you always dreamed of living in college houses like in cult films about students? Do you want to discuss the events of a long day in the living room together? Well, your dream can come true! Although in the first year of study, you will live in underclass residence halls, later, you can apply to live in one of the eight College Houses. Interestingly, they offer mentorship opportunities and social programs as well.

Washington University

If you are looking for a home away from home, then feel free to apply to Washington University. Its feature is South 40, where the school’s residential colleges are located. This is a town inside St. Louis – here, you will find a convenience store and a gift shop. While living on campus, you will be able to use rooms for games and music practice, as well as fitness centers.

Johnson University

This school is famous for offering one of the best dorms in the US. Plus, Tennessee’s vibes are simply great, with its live country music and stunning barbecues. Rooms at Johnson University are mostly for one or two people. Of course, they have Internet and private air conditioning, and individual bathrooms too.

Union University 

Perhaps the most important thing to know about this college is its values. As stated, it’s Christ-centered and people-focused. Here, it doesn’t matter which year you are at, as all undergraduates can live in a dorm. 

Interestingly, it provides not only living opportunities but also strives for cultural, spiritual, and social development. And no wonder since Union University has a lot of indoor recreational activity space. It includes a lounge and music rooms, and a track for physical exercise.

Scripps College

What is it like to live in a classic mansion? Go to Scripps College and find out for yourself! Here, you will feel like a high society member, spending time in residence halls with regal carpets and ornate furniture. After classes, students usually have discussions around tiled fountains and gather on open balconies. Not to mention living rooms with pianos. 

To Wrap It Up

Which associations does the dorm provoke in you? Do you imagine cramped rooms, concrete walls, and scary bathrooms? Well, there are many dorms that have nothing in common with it!

Many universities aim to create awesome recreational activities and a delightful homely atmosphere. Each offers dorms of various sizes, prices, and prestige. But perhaps the main factor is how comfortable students feel in it! Here, you will learn and have fun, gather with friends, and experience difficult and happy moments. Therefore, the dorm should meet your expectations and give you a magic atmosphere of peace and deep relaxation. 

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