2021 Color trends: interior paint & home decor

Energy, aura, mood, comfort, inspiration – all this is determined by the colors and shades around us. Year after year, designers and decorators develop new interior palettes that can create a wide variety of atmospheres – from calmness and serenity to an insane surge of vitality. And for those who are not averse to seeing their home in different colors, it’s time to get ready: the color schemes for 2021 have already been determined. It remains only to determine what is closer to you – naturalness untouched by excessive brightness or royal depth and saturation.

For several years now, the Swedish company Behr, a world-renowned exterior and interior paints manufacturer, has been the undisputed trendsetter determining interior design’s current colors. For 2021, the brand’s designers have developed a palette emphasizing home space as the safest and most comfortable environment possible. Given the difficult situation with the coronavirus, they offer a new vision of home – not a transit point between two busy days, but a place where you can work productively, fully relax and enjoy life.

This time, Behr colorists offered twenty-one shades in several color themes, in each of which it is quite possible to find what you need – both relaxation and inspiration, and the feeling of serenity that we need so much today.

Everyday comfort

Light and warm neutrals captivate with their friendliness and envelop in hospitality and pure comfort. Designers recommend using such tones in the design of entrances, kitchens, and open living spaces. The theme offers a creamy beige, mocha, almond, dusty beige, and a shade of dried ceramics as the absolute favorites.

Graceful accent

Subtle, translucent tones create an atmosphere of unshakable mental well-being. You can feel completely safe in such an environment and detach yourself from any problems, worries, and difficulties. Deep chocolate brown, pale almond, light terracotta, and matte golden will solve a similar problem. However, if desired, you can also add pastel greens and blues.


If in 2020 you were a little lacking in brightness, next year will certainly put everything in its place. Cheerful colors are especially great in nurseries, kitchens, and in general, wherever you want to create your own place of power and regularly nourish yourself with energy. Pay attention to saffron, purple, bright blue, and terracotta – thanks to them, you can easily achieve the interior you need.

Calm zone

Behr offers a fantastic symphony of watercolors and rich blues and greens for those who prefer a cool and mysterious palette of an overly friendly neutrality, creating a light and relaxing atmosphere that allows you to rest and put your thoughts in order. According to the designers, such a function should be taken over by the gray-green tone “jojoba”, smoky white, delicate floral blue and denim, as well as green with deep pearl tones and the delightfully bright tone of the Caribbean wave.

Quiet haven

Despite the dominance of light and neutral solutions, Behr proposes to pay attention to rich, expressive colors. Care in such a palette allows you to achieve the amazing effect of a peaceful oasis amid crazy everyday life – a place where hardly anything can disturb your peace of mind. All that is needed for this is a deep gray-green, glossy dark gray, dark “midnight” blue, and noble brown.

And some more…

Talking about the current colors for 2021, one cannot fail to mention alternative opinions. So, American designers offer their vision of fashionable interior palettes for the next year:

  • Return to nature. It is expected that shades of earth, clay and dust, sea waves, and meadow greens will be able to restore our inner calm after the chaos we witnessed in 2020.
  • More brightness. More and more designers insist on returning to the fashionable palette of rich and attractive shades. Red, ultraviolet, and cobalt have already appeared on the list of the first. However, you shouldn’t forget about gold either.
  • Colors like a jewel. Another non-standard move in 2021 is precious stones’ colors, which American designers consider to be almost the most perfect. Emerald, sapphire, ruby red, smoky topaz will let your imagination run wild.
  • A little more sun. Those who do not mind creating a truly festive atmosphere in their home will have an enjoyable year. Ocher, mustard, sunny yellow, soft yellow, golden – all their favorite colors are presented in one fashionable palette.

You can’t go wrong if you choose any shade from the 2021 Behr palette to paint the walls – especially since finding it on the web is easy. However, if you want something unique and trendy, it makes sense to pay attention to the top 5 current solutions.

  • Quiet Wave. This unique green shade symbolizes the serenity of nature with a slight nod to technology. You can see everything in this color – and a cloudy afternoon in a grove, and the calmness of seawater after a storm, and sunrises over a park in a metropolis.
  • AI Aqua. The color, the name of which can be translated as “intellectual blue”, skillfully combines severity and serenity, the beauty of water overflows, and the alluring mystery of the ocean surface. This shade of blue is especially suitable for those who perceive their home as their own fortress.
  • Good Gray. The laconic and discreet shade of gray continues the minimalistic traditions of last season and, at the same time, is neutral enough to use any bright tones and contrasting color combinations against its background. If your house’s windows face the sunny side and gravitate towards the coolness, you should discard any doubts.
  • Oxy Fire. Active, practical, with well-visible purple tones, this shade has replaced the classic red and orange. Designers suggest not being intimidated by its excessive brightness: furniture and accessories in trendy neutral colors will help achieve the perfect balance.
  • Lemon Sherbet. An unsaturated and soft yellow shade with subtle and refreshing greenish tones is equally good in the bedroom and living room. It is friendly to neoclassicism and minimalism. In a word, deciding on such a color of the walls, you can forget about the torment with the selection of shades of furniture and decor.

The color range for ceilings in 2021 is not so extensive, but at the same time, something is interesting in it. For the design of the top, designers offer the following colors:

  • white – classic, fresh, neutral, and appropriate in absolutely any interior;
  • beige – a warm shade to create a cozy atmosphere in the bedroom, as well as in the rooms facing north;
  • gray is a strict coldish shade, which has become an outstanding solution for spacious rooms and an excellent background for contrasting bright details;
  • black is a provocative solution that creates a sophisticated and mysterious, albeit slightly gloomy atmosphere.

In the coming year, designers again insist on the absence of deep yellow and brown tones in flooring – including wood. This time, the list of favorites includes the following colors:

  • smoky white and cool beige;
  • pale and smoky gray;
  • dark gray and ash;
  • gray green;
  • deep sea blue.

However, such a palette is not an axiom. If you gravitate towards the familiar warm shades, almonds, ceramics, maple, and saffron are at your service.

Behr has also found solutions for the exterior of the house and recreation areas in the yard – although, however, they look quite right in the rooms too. Especially for this, a whole theme was developed called “Escape to Fresh Air”, which presents shades with intriguing names – “coveted green”, “cold dusty”, “maple glaze”, “gray barn”, “euphoric purple” and “midnight blue”.

The palette of trendy colors for 2021 turned out to be very extensive and encompassing a wide variety, including radically opposite solutions. The coming year promises stylish mixes and unexpected combinations for fashionable interiors – and therefore, we are preparing to show maximum creativity and create a truly individual and harmonious color environment for ourselves and our loved ones.

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