2021 Lighting trends: the latest ideas for modern lighting

Interior design trends don’t change as rapidly as clothing fashion, but it’s still a dynamic process. There is definitely a point in paying attention to them so that in 3-5-7 years, the interior looks fresh and retains its relevance.

This article will look at the top lighting trends of 2021 that you can safely take note of! These ideas can be applied to any budget and apartment-style: be it loft, classic, or country.

The article was prepared with the help of an interior designer with ten years of experience worldwide: Germany, the Netherlands, Israel, Russia, and other countries. It’s time to move on to trends!

These trends are encompassing all interior lighting. Choosing them, you will not go wrong! Interior design is closely intertwined with the world of fashion and even with the world’s general mood, which you will note further.

Trend 1: environmental friendliness

This trend extends to natural materials: wood, glass, fabric, bamboo, imitation paper. If the idea of caring for the environment resonates with you – pay attention to these lamps!

This trend can be expressed not only in material and in form: chandeliers in the form of branches, floor lamps with graceful leaves, wall lighting with glass in the form of drops, etc. Anything that has a reference to nature is relevant in 2021.

Trend 2: simplicity of shapes

Minimalism, order, and rational use of space also affected the interior design. It is possible to adhere to this trend for simple lighting models without unnecessary details, even with a small budget: to save money without harming the overall look.

Basic shades will be win-win: white, black, brown, gray. You can combine this trend with the previous one and choose lamps in the colors of honey, olives, sand, sky, conifers. Bright, accent shades also look great.

Trend 3: chandeliers as art objects

If you want to add eye-catching detail to the interior, a designer chandelier is perfect for this! The chandelier can be very active, but if the rest of the space remains discreet, you will preserve the balance.

There are no restrictions on the choice of chandeliers. Here it is better to listen to your feelings and choose an accent lamp you like. By the way, if the area is small, this does not mean that you cannot afford such an art object. This rule is already in the past!

Trend 4: ball (sphere) lamps

This trend has already existed and, thanks to its great popularity, remained in 2021. The lamp can be made of transparent, translucent, or even opaque material: depending on the area.

You can use them as night lights, full-fledged chandeliers, cascading lighting. It would be great to install regular round bulbs, which many designers are now actively working with. This echoes both environmental friendliness and simplicity of forms.

Trend 5: brass

This material and references to it continue to be at the top. It is found in dressing tables, vases, and other decors, in faucets and, of course, in lamps. If you want to add a touch of relevance and luxury to your interior, this is a great choice!

Interspersed brass makes the space warmer and more comfortable. It looks nobler and more interesting than the usual gold, silver, and ordinary metal. Also, this trend will look advantageous both in the Empire style and in the Scandinavian style.

Chandeliers do not belong to technical lighting but decorative and design. Therefore, you can and should focus on them! By choosing such lamps, you will fall into the trends.

  • Geometry. Chandeliers of different and slightly unusual shapes will perfectly complement even a calm interior.
  • Cascade. This is especially true for large spaces that want to add more lightness.
  • Spheres. Both one minimalistic ball and a scattering of transparent glass spheres look advantageous.
  • Retro. Lamps in the style of the 50s and 70s are at their peak of popularity and continue to inspire designers.

Chandeliers in a classic style with many plastic and glass decorations are much less common in trendy interiors.

Pendant lights are similar to chandeliers. Their difference is that they can give not only diffused but also directed light. They are well suited for lighting specific areas: a table in a living room, a kitchen island, a workplace. You can also adjust their height quite often!

All previous trends apply to them. Also, spotlights are becoming more common. They also give a beam of light and even at the right angle, but they are magnetically attached to the ceiling’s rail. Thanks to this, they quickly move in a given plane.

This type of fixture is more of a decorative function. They create soft diffused light relevant for transitional areas and rooms where you need a relaxed atmosphere. Wall lighting perfectly emphasizes the relief and texture of the walls!

The main trends among them are as follows:

  • brass, especially on a pure white, accent or raw wall;
  • simple or natural forms: square, drop, sun, leaf, and others;
  • basic luminaires with a controlled angle of inclination and directional light.

An alternative to wall lighting would be conventional lighting. Choose it if you want to save money and avoid additional accents in the interior.

Floor lamps are one of the favorite types of lighting for designers right now. They give completeness to the area in which they are located and add coziness. Recently, one can see that they are becoming more independent and bright elements in space.

If you are not ready to turn a floor lamp into an art object like a chandelier, pay attention to laconic forms in primary colors or brass. Decorate the interior and refer to the floor lamp’s environmental friendliness made of fabric of natural colors, straw.

Table lamp trends overlap with other types of lighting. The current luminaire will have one of these points:

  • strict geometric shapes;
  • white, black, or brass color;
  • a reference to the 50-70s;
  • spherical shape.

Choosing something from this – you definitely won’t be mistaken! Such a table lamp will look modern even a few years later. By the way, you can combine such lamps with any style of the interior: both with a lot and with a minimum of colors and details.

Until recently, such popular LED lighting is gradually losing its position. People have probably played enough with perfectly even light, which can be programmed and given various shades. More relevant now is classic light.

Among the advantages of LED lighting are the following.

  • Maximum brightness immediately after switching on.
  • Significantly lower power consumption.
  • The heating of elements does not exceed 40°C.
  • Long service life: ~100,000 hours.

Despite all these advantages, there is also a significant disadvantage: such light strains the eyes more. Therefore, if you have such fatigue, it is better to prefer the usual lighting.

Designers strive to make switches more invisible: they do not have a decorative function, like technical lighting. But also in a trend to emphasize them, playing on contrasts. For example, make a black switch on a white wall or a brass one on a blue wall.

If you want to create an up-to-date interior, it is essential to pay attention to trends. There are quite a few interesting ideas for interior lighting in 2021. Start from what looks more unusual, and not from long-boring solutions. This will help bring fresh air into your space!

You can find inspiration in the lamps of designers Bec Brittain, Pierre Jovanovic, Luigi Caccia Dominioni, Charlotte Perriand, and others. Remember the naturalness and environmental friendliness, geometric and spherical shapes, the relevance of the chic 50-70s.

This article’s recommendations will help you create a memorable and modern interior: both a residential building and a public one! Feel free to use them and rethink the latest trends in interior design.

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