6 Amazing hacks to take care of your swimming pool

6 Amazing hacks to take care of your swimming pool

Swimming pool owners will understand that great care should be taken to keep your pool clean, well maintained, and free from the build-up of algae and bacteria. While some of these tips do require extra spending and time, they will certainly help you get the most of your experience of having a pool – helping you in the simplest way to enjoy this valuable resource.

1. Ensure good circulation

This is one of the simplest ways to transform the condition of your pool. Unfortunately, many people underestimate the impact that water circulation will have on the water’s health, helping you reduce the risk of an algae infestation or bacterial contamination. Various water-borne germs can cause skin infections like a rash, respiratory difficulties, eye infections, and most commonly, gastrointestinal illnesses, such as diarrhea or vomiting.

Experts recommend that you run your pool pump for at least 8 or 10 hours a day to avoid such contamination. This will ensure that the water is turned through the filter several times during the day, decreasing germ infestation risk. If it is too complicated to turn the pump on and off manually, some excellent pool pump timers will be a great investment for you.

2. Clean your pool filter regularly

It is one thing to have a pool pump and filter, but you need to clean them regularly to ensure they are working optimally. This hack is essential to basic pool hygiene, as it will prevent larger contaminants from settling in your pool system for too long.

As much as possible, you should cast your eyes on the filter baskets to remove any leaves and debris that may be blocking effective filtration. If you’re finding that it needs even more support, you can backwash your filter. This will reverse the flow to shunt any contaminant build-up and dirty water to the waste port. Additionally, you should also check the pressure of the filter regularly.

3. Install glass fencing

With a stylish look that is sure to blend in with your exterior home décor seamlessly, glass fences are becoming extremely popular. The folks at Clear Choice Pool Fencing believe that this modern take on the bulky steel fencing provides the same safety level but without compromising on the look. Most importantly to help take care of your pool, is that it prevents debris from the lawn from being blown into your pool. With glass fencing, not only will your kids and fur-children be safe, but random objects cannot be thrown or carried to the pool area.

4. Test your water and adjust accordingly

This tip is paramount to maintaining the health of your pool water. Many people are unaware of the plethora of germs, bacteria, and even viruses that can survive in contaminated pool water. However, upon doing some research, you might be shocked to find that many of these germs are highly resistant to chlorine.

With a liquid test kit, you can test your pool’s levels of pH, alkalinity, Chlorine, Bromine, and Calcium hardness. These simple test strips will indicate which levels are putting your swimmers at risk of infection and guiding you in the right direction to treat your pool adequately. Though you can do this at home, it is advised that you take your test to a professional to help you buy the necessary treatment materials. Before adding any chemicals to your pool, check and understand the correct dosing and how long after the chemicals are added to be safe for people to swim.

5. Consult a pool specialist

Though this may seem extreme if you aren’t currently facing any issues with your pool, the importance of caring for a pool should not be undermined. Consulting a specialist who can talk you through the condition of your water and treating potential health risks will reassure you to take better care on your own.

You will learn things in a very short time, for example, did you know that if a pool smells very strongly of chemicals, this is not a good sign. The distinct chemical smell we think is chlorine is, in fact, the presence of chloramine.

When substances, such as body oils, fecal matter, and sweat, react with chlorine, it produces the chemical that causes eye redness and burning. But more sinister than the smell is the unknown presence of germs like E.Coli, legionella, and especially Cryptosporidium – a bacteria that, if a mouthful of water is swallowed, can cause diarrhea for up to 3 weeks!

6. Optimize your pool-cleaning routine

Establish a standard pool cleaning routine that covers procedures to protect your pool most efficiently. You should consider the following:

  • Are you using a proper pool brush, vacuum, and skimming net?
  • Do you effectively scrub the sides of your pool to prevent algae build-up? (This can be done every other week.)
  • Is your net skimmer in good condition?
  • Do you regularly clear the pump skimmer basket and backwash the filter when needed?
  • Are you cleaning your pool at least weekly?

Stay on track with a pool maintenance routine and ensure that your pool is safe for the swimmers who simply want to enjoy their time.

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