6 Concrete floor looks that won’t break your bank but still steal the eye
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6 Concrete floor looks that won’t break your bank but still steal the eye

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While most homeowners believe that concrete floors are cold, dull, and hard, there are great choices for various reasons. Concrete flooring can significantly improve the feel and look of your home. There are a variety of concrete floors that you can consider for your home. A concrete floor is durable, and it can sustain the pressure of furniture and everything in your house. More importantly, concrete floors come with low maintenance, and this can save you a lot of money. Here are six affordable but attractive concrete floor styles that you can consider for your home. 

1. Stamping

The process of stamping as the name suggests involves pressing different stamps into the concrete while it is still fresh. The stamps come in various forms, and stamping allows you to create a floor that looks like natural stone. This amazing type of floor is durable and also easy to clean and maintain. The floor provides a wonderful appearance in your home.  

2. Stained concrete floors

Stained concrete is by far the most beautiful flooring finish that you can consider for your home. The major purpose of staining concrete is that it gives your home a perfect look. You can apply stains to unpolished slabs for a natural look and also combine this with a high-gloss finish. There are several benefits of stained concrete floors such as high durability and low cost. A stained concrete also conceals irregularities on your floor, and it will appear natural. 

Stained concrete floors come in different color options that help you choose the style that suits your internal decor. The other advantage of this concrete flooring type is that it is ideal for indoors and outdoors. The flooring is environmentally friendly and sustainable. More importantly, the floor is fast and easy to install which saves you time if you want to do it yourself.  

3. Terrazzo style

Terrazzo is one of the best vintage flooring designs that can greatly uplift the appearance of your home. The type of concrete floor consists of shells, stone chips, and scraps. These components are crushed and mixed with different organic items and glass then applied on top of the floor for a smooth finish. This type of flooring is a sustainable way of upgrading the appearance of your home. The final product is strong such that you will not think of upgrading your floor for a lifetime.   

4. Scoring

Scoring is a process that involves the integration of finely cut depressions that are applied to the surface of a concrete slab. The floor produces attractive patterns that are great for your house. To create the desired patterns, you should utilize circular saw blades that come in various thicknesses. You can apply scoring directly on untreated concrete materials together with color staining and tinting. You can also achieve an appearance of composite tile flooring by cutting parallel lines if you are dealing with a solid concrete surface. The floor is easy to clean and maintain since you can only use a mixture of water and a washer of your preference. 

5. Vintage black and white flooring

With black and white flooring, you can revive a vintage ambiance to your house. These black and white concrete tiles were traditionally used to decorate the interior of homes. Currently, the type of flooring has been upgraded, and it looks plusher. The other benefit of this floor is that it is easy to clean. On top of that, the concrete floor is durable and can withstand the pressure of your household property. The floor does not scratch easily as a result of the movement of furniture while you are cleaning your home. 

6. Salt and pepper polish

Salt and pepper polish is one of the most popular polished concrete floors that you can consider for your home. You can use stains on this type of flooring to improve its appearance. The floor gives you a nice shine, and it is easy to clean. If you notice some cracks and small holes in the final floor, you should leave them since they add a natural appearance to your floor. The other important aspect of this type of floor is that it is durable. 

Concrete floors are an excellent way of uplifting the appearance of your home. There are different types of concrete floors that you can consider, and the majority of them are affordable. You should not leave your concrete floor bare if you want something tasteful and more polished. Before you apply the finishing to your concrete slab, you should make sure that the surface is even and smooth. It is a good idea to contact a professional to repair your floor first if you notice cracks, dents, or scratches on the hard floor. After considering these floor patterns, the ultimate flooring design is a matter of personal preference.